Monday, May 27, 2013

Where O Where Is Ole Steve Harper?

Other peoples nightmares are not billable time, and morning will come soon enough.
Hunter S. Thompson, Generation of Swine, p. 46

Surely it was the water? After scurrying across the tundra like a rat to South America at the first breaking of his downfall scandal, his most grey eminence of the 'Harper Government' has not yet fully recovered to face the music in the House. Could it be jet lag, or the realization that there is actually no defense? And what is that disinformation in the vulgar media that states the Prime Minister never makes Question periods on Monday? He always makes Question Period on Monday's! It is the Fridays that he never shows up. The Oracle of Ottawa knows this because he watches them all.

Steve Vader readies for the high jump...
 Why it seems like only yesterday that the right wing revolution was set to take over all of Canada for all time, well, according to Preston Manning anyway. Then there was the cocky picnic video at Ford Fest in Toronto, where by the Conservative hat trick was boasted to be soon accomplished. And then from there it all started to gradually go down hill, slowly at first, but then with a great and sickening increase in speed, that was hardly measurable. 

The underhanded dirty tricks squad out of the Prime Ministers Office could seem to lay anyone to waste, who provided any question or even the hint of opposition. But unforeseen, people in central Canada get wise to this very quickly, a very strong and potent backlash literally created itself. Soon things started to go wrong.

The highly detailed Senate destruction plan was all so carefully planned. The right and certain people were appointed with the full knowledge and assistance that would make certain their screw ups. But some how the pesky low life has proven to be a very nasty opponent at the end of the day. It is all pretty humiliating at the height of your power, to realize that a spud headed skidmark is going to bring you to total destruction.

And then things get even worse, you find out that your good friends in Toronto are in reality nothing but a bunch of drug dealing crack smoking thugs, that have left a long paper and video trail. And then when you think it can't get any more worse, an old screw up that you thought for sure had buried out of the way is picked up in Panama, doing some laundry at the local banks. For a man with terminal lung cancer, Mr. Porter is sure looking pretty good...  

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