Sunday, May 19, 2013

The 'Harper Government' Will Fall !?

To draw a line is the primary step in incorporating energy in form.
Northrop Frye, Fearful Symmetry, p. 97

The Victoria Day long weekend in Canada is usually a very quiet and unremarkable affair. It is the unofficial, official start of the Canadian gear down from winter to summer, and all the relief that it brings. But not this year Dear Reader. It all started to go all rather nuts on Friday morning just past, when the Oracle of Ottawa was awoken by the name of Toronto's mayor and the words video, crack and smoking! The Oracle of Ottawa thought this is it! The Oracle has really slipped his clutch plates for sure this time! The Oracle of Ottawa immediately rose out of bed and dragged his significant other to the radio and had her confirm that what he just heard was indeed true! This was at 9:00 A.M..

'Harper Government' - The pig is in the tunnel folks...
 The Oracle of Ottawa then proceeded to breakfast of a coffee and two cigarettes and his book that was on top of the pile; "in reading". Still reeling from the wake up call, the Oracle of Ottawa than turned on the vulgar media and selected the CTV news channel and was stunned by more revelations of the Puffster Mike Duffy, and how the axe was just hanging over the vertically challenged  Ms. Wallin! The Oracle of Ottawa at this point became somewhat dizzy, and repaired to the kitchen for more coffee and a few more bolstering smokes to calm his nerves. As the smoke took hold and the Oracle having bolstered himself against the kitchen counter, the earth began to move!! It all lasted for over thirty seconds! A gentle but powerful swaying motion, that set off a wonderful symphony of creaking and tinkling, that sounded as music from God.

This was at 9:45A.M. exactly, and the Oracle of Ottawa again turned on the vulgar media and was soon informed that there was indeed a 5.2 Richter earthquake measured in Ottawa from Shawville, Quebec all the way down to Ohio in the United States! The evil of the 'Harper Government' has so twisted the very quantum fabric that the earth itself moved to balance the evil forces! If this weirdness keeps up Dear Reader, by Tuesday morning the Oracle of Ottawa expects a pillar of salt at the intersection of Wellington Street at Bank Street!

While out of the fortified bunker on the usual Friday beer and lotto ticket run the Oracle of Ottawa noticed the vulgar media newspaper headlines. Kathleen Wynne had fired the head of the Ontario Lottery Commission! And it must have been the right move, since the whole board followed the ousted huckster out the door like rats being chased on the tundra. Could it be that there will be no Casino in downtown Ottawa after all? Upon returning home, the Oracle of Ottawa closed up and continued to be reeled by the revelations of the old style vulgar media, and enjoyed every moment.

All of Saturday the Oracle of Ottawa was in a happy state of shock, knowing full well that once the shit starts to roll down hill it will continue ever faster until something stops it. It was Sunday morning that the major axe fell, when the Oracle of Ottawa heard with shock that Nigel S. Wright was also thrown under the bus. At this point we are through the looking glass now folks, any thing could happen and probably will.

On this Sunday after noon the Oracle of Ottawa was on his way to Arnprior to visit a very important man, as per usual routine. The Oracle of Ottawa of course had CBC's Cross Country Check Up on, and was amazed that Rex Murphy had his old self back on, and was doing a hell of a job. The knuckle dragging Tory Conservatives were in total outrage! The Oracle of Ottawa could not believe his ears. Any thing could happen now! Then the Oracle of Ottawa realized that come Tuesday the very 'Harper Government' could fall in a vote of non confidence.

The Oracle of Ottawa hopes that it is Elizabeth May and / or Charlie Angus that get to do the honors! With the Prime Minister planning not to be in the House on Tuesday, due to his planned presence at some South American trade conference, with the usual retinue of sock puppet cabinet fart catchers and sock puppet back benchers, the numbers would be totally in the Oppositions favor! The wreckage is every where and piling up very fast. (And we still haven't got through the Bilderberg Group revelations yet...)At 3:00 P.M. the CBC radio complained that no one from the Conservative Party of Canada could be reached in any manner of communication. Get your voting suit ready Dear Reader, the Just Society of Justin Trudeau will indeed be coming sooner, much sooner than later. Just as the Oracle of Ottawa called it...     

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