Saturday, June 1, 2013

Scott Brison Asks The NEXT Question

The ways to enrich are many, and most of them foul.
Francis Bacon, Essays, Essay XXXIV - Of Riches

As the Oracle of Ottawa has always told his Dear Readers before, if you want to know what is coming next in Canadian politics, you must never miss Question Period on Fridays. You would think that after the week that has passed, and the scandals that have erupted, and somehow strangely refuse to be quenched, that not much of note could possibly bubble up. Well Dear reader you would have been wrong again. It was near the end of Question Period on Friday last, and the Oracle thought we were down to the ending softball questions.

Scott Brison - On it!
 Then Scott Brison stood to his seat, and put a soft ball Question to Kellie "Butch" Leitch on unemployed youngsters and the resident evil of unpaid internships! This is a question that the Oracle of Ottawa was dying to hear asked. The cocky Leitch seemed not to expect to have this question coming at the time it did, and she seemed totally "outed", so to speak.

Much to the rage and utter amazement of the Oracle of Ottawa this evil practice of getting kids to work for nothing, for "work experience", is one of the most evil creations of the 'Harper Government'. It has even touched into the Oracles circle, and the Oracle of Ottawa is not amused. The Oracle can not understand how this is even possible. Haven't these wars been fought and won decades ago? Don't we have child labour laws in Canada? Well since the 'Harper Government' not any more. And to add insult to injury, when some scum bag employer, such as car dealership owners, get these free child labourers, they are getting money, grants and tax breaks from the 'Harper Government'!      

Now this evil of the 'Harper Government' has not been thought up by the 'Harper Government' but rather is the spawn of its many management consultants, that have been very busy chipping at the workers liberties in Canada since the Conservatives have come to power. This has all been achieved by exploiting the two most common fears of the working class. The stigma of being labelled mentally ill, and the stigma of being unemployed. There have been minor changes over the last decade that have virtually gutted employment law as we once thought that we knew.

Yes Dear Reader, Scott Brison has asked the NEXT question, that will certainly put another stake through the 'Harper Government' come the next election. And the Oracle of Ottawa is very grateful that Scott Brison stood up and asked it so perfectly, looks from here that Justin Trudeau has his next Minister of Labour and Employment... 

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