Wednesday, May 22, 2013

'Harper Government' - Goes Rogue

He has the instincts of a dung beetle. No living politician can match his talent for soiling himself in public.
Hunter S. Thompson, Generation of Swine, p. 228

You know when Steve Harper is lying. His hands appear above his waist. Although the Oracle of Ottawa is not a spin doctor or fart catcher, he does know enough about the communication skills to know that what the erstwhile Prime Minister said today in his low rent South American news conference was the worst possible course to take. At the rate he is going there will shortly be no more candidates to put under the bus. And of course there will be no more exploitable candidates coming forward in this lifetime.

Relax - The Senate will always be here...

Meanwhile back in Ottawa during Question Period today, John Baird was crushed and humiliated by the young Justin Trudeau, when he provided and tabled to the Conservative government, documents that they claimed they did not know existed! And the sad thing is they were not lying on this one. The piss and vinegar of the so called pit bull John Baird is just about at the breaking point. He is finally realizing that he is the fall guy. The Prime Minister took all his western buddies on the plane and left the easterners to spin in the dark. The voice of the bum boy minister is falling to the lowest register, the Liberals will be in for the final kill every day from now on.

John Baird - hapless fall boy....

The media has been spurned and dissed one too many times by the knuckle dragging, mouth breathing, social darwinist skid marks. That old Troskyite Terry Milewski is just putting the nuts to the 'Harper Government' and the Oracle of Ottawa is certainly enjoying seeing his tax dollars at work.  And to see them twist in the light, is totally beyond words of description. Yes, today the 'Harper Government' was fed to the wolves, and the wolves puked...

It also appears today that one Senator Mike "The Puffster" Duffy has regrouped, and  you can see his counter attack forming between the words. The little spud head knows that the  box containing his Order of Canada is nailed and double welded shut for ever.   The Oracle of Ottawa wonders late into the night what dirty goods he possibly has on the 'Harper Government' that he can get it to contort on command. The Oracle of Ottawa is sure that it is enough to bring down the 'Harper Government' dead.

How is that the Senate of Canada has existed since 1867, with barley a blip in over a century and as soon as the hick 'Harper Government' gets its sticky hands on the levers of power, the whole place explodes in scandal? But what can you expect when you appoint a high school drop out, sad victim as the Leader of The Government in The Senate? As the Oracle of Ottawa has stated many times in this blog, the best way to improve the Senate is to appoint the best people you can possibly find to it!

But to all Canadians that care about such things,they know that when the young Justin Trudeau is Prime Minister, the proper high property values will again return to the Chamber of Sober Second Thought.  

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