Saturday, October 26, 2013

Calgary Conservative Convention - Pork Chops To Paris?

Then we think of envy as the propensity to view with hostility the greater good of others even though their being more fortunate than we are does not detract from our advantages.
John Rawls, A Theory Of Justice, p. 532

Well, Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government' finally got his constitutional crisis, but not exactly the one he was looking for. It appears to the Oracle of Ottawa that no one in the 'Harper Government' or the Conservative Party Purity Committee out in Duck's Ass, Alberta, has ever heard of the Curse of D'Arcy McGee! It all is about the dangers of anyone trying to change Canada into something else, Alter it you may not...The Founding Fathers of Canada were not fucking around when they created this impossible country.

Canadian Senate - Value??...Priceless!!
 You knew it was all going to hell very quickly when polling indicated  that eight times more people believed Senator Mike Duffy then the Prime Minister of Canada! But it was Friday afternoon that you could state for sure that the wheels of the Conservative bus were starting to death wobble, when the news and the tape got out of the Prime Minister of Canada, Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government', calling into an AM radio talk show like an unemployed Liberal skidmark that loved the sound of his own voice. That is the moment the history books will take as the start of the bitter end death spiral.

No matter what happens now or in the days to come, it is a lose lose for the 'Harper Government'. If the Senators are suspended with pay it will be Armageddon for the 'Harper Government'. If the Senators slide off and get a proper hearing, it will again be Armageddon for the 'Harper Government! PMO staffers should start booking the movers now and get ahead of the rush.

Next week is the big Conservative Party Convention in soggy Calgary. The Oracle of Ottawa sure as hell is glad he is not Steve Harper! This event promises to be more of a wake than a party. And just wait when all the mouth breathing faithful find out that the pork and beef that they raise with the latest Big Agra methods of antibiotics, steroids, hormones and GMO silage will not even be able to get into the European Union as pet food, there could quiet possibly be a riot, or two.

It was a historic week in Ottawa. Canada as a country is at a very important turning point. Being here was like living in a history book. With all the attention that the Canadian Senate got this week, and all the critical issues that it raised how could even a Conservative put a dollar value on it all? It appears to the Oracle of Ottawa that the Canadian Senate works just great, just like the Founding Fathers of Canada intended it work.   

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