Thursday, November 7, 2013

Michelle Rempel Campaigns For Justin Trudeau!

Politics is a game of friends.
Jean Chretien, Straight From The Heart, p.23

It was on Power And Politics this afternoon that the Oracle of Ottawa had the misfortune to witness a very agitated Michelle Rempel, one of the present 'Harper Government's token Ministers Of State for Western something or other, appearing very upset that the incredibly handsome Justin Trudeau was holding a $250.00 per person fund raiser in Toronto tonight that was only open to women. The event was organized by a group of  twenty professional woman, and what do Canadian women want to see today? Why Justin Trudeau, natch.

Michelle Rempel - The only thing missing is the street light..
 As the Oracle turned to discuss the ethics of the said event with his significant other, she was already out the front door, and then I heard the car speeding down the driveway, with a two wheel power turn smoking rubber down the road to the Ottawa Airport. The Oracle of Ottawa latter found a note on the fridge, that said she would leave the car at the airport, and that she would be catching the 6:45 flight to Toronto, and that she would be home Saturday morning! As the Oracle microwaved left overs, it was quiet apparent who is going to be the next Prime Minister of Canada, and who is going to get him there. The event, with all the free publicity provided by Michelle Rempel, of the 'Harper Government', was a total sell-out, and from the footage that I saw on the National, it seems that the roomful of woman weren't missing their $250.00 very much. 

It was all very unsavory when Michelle Rempel, the young hay seed rube, started to cry in front of Evan Solomon! It got even more ugly when that brilliant nice Italian babe from the Liberal Party just plowed here on national television like a mule on a slave galley. The Oracle of Ottawa suspects that it will be a very long time before Michelle Rempel will stick her flat nose where it does not belong.

Another possible reason for the emotional meltdown is that it is said that the young Michelle is "up and coming" in the 'Harper Government' cabinet, and therefore is barely smart enough to already see the writing on the wall. She perhaps realized right there on national television that she is only going to be a one termer as far as being the cabinet goes. All further trips to Ottawa will be as a back bencher in the Opposition for ever.

It is all very clear to the Oracle of Ottawa, Justin Trudeau is quiet simply born to be elite Canadian royalty, he is not seeking the office of Prime Minister, the Office is seeking him. Meanwhile Michelle is an ordinary no count hay seed rube, that wants to be... That quiet simply is the reality and the unbridgeable difference between her and Justin Trudeau. The best advice the Oracle of Ottawa can offer is to book your mover now and avoid the rush...

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