Sunday, November 3, 2013

Harper Government - I Couldn't Care Less

All that destroys social unity is worthless; all institutions that set man in contradiction to himself are worthless.
Jean Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract, Chapter 8

If Wall Mart ever installs a politics aisle in their stores it will no doubt look like the 2013 Calgary Conservative Convention. It was clearly evident that the whole town of Ducks Ass, Alberta turned out in attendance. The Oracle of Ottawa found the over appearance of all the corporate rent a cops very uplifting. But it was no doubt done to well up the love for the New World Order, and to develop that cosy warm feeling of the norm of the new locked down world.

Justin Trudeau - Better a Canadian Idol then Most Wanted!

Of course for all those that know of such things you could readily spot the cracks in the unity of the Harper Bund. This was all overly apparent when the three most unlikely cabinet ministers floated their approval of Nigel Wright, the parachuted messenger of the Bilderberg Group, and his shabby treatment at the hands of that terrible Steve Harper. And the Oracle of Ottawa eagerly awaited Preston Mannings update on the progress of the Canadian Right Wing Revolution and how that was working out for little Preston.

But what everybody tuned in for on Friday night was the speech of the fast fading Prime Minister. It was observed by the Oracle of Ottawa live and it left the Oracle somewhat underwhelmed to say the least. The killer line and after thought that has stayed with the Oracle of Ottawa is: "I couldn't care less". Canadians across Canada no doubt found that very uplifting. To the Oracle it simply stated that the 'Harper Government' was going to continue digging until the (w)hole was so deep, that when it finally collapses, not even an NDP type will have to appear to tamp down the earth.

The Oracle of Ottawa has lived a long time and heard a fair number of speeches. But never in his life to date has he heard such a cynical, arrogant and fear laced diatribe. You could see the disdain and utter hatred in the little pig eyes of the poor thing. It was all quite shocking to the Oracle of Ottawa, certainly not Nation Building stuff of a truly great Prime Minister. That footage of the cheap shots directed to Justin Trudeau are going to haunt little Steve for the rest of his life. And most all, Canadians will agree with the Oracle of Ottawa, that it is a far better thing to be a Canadian Idol then one of the Most Wanted....  

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