Sunday, November 10, 2013

Justin Trudeau Is A Campaign Genius!

The community of man should be treated in the same way you would treat your community of brothers or fellow citizens. 
Pierre Eliot Trudeau, Memoirs, p. 224

A really good politician can bring along all of his followers in support when he campaigns. A great politician not only can enlist the support of his friends and followers but also all of his enemies and haters. At the time of this writing Justin Trudeau is showing signs of being a great politician. As of last Thursday he has at least one 'Harper Government' cabinet minister in his corner, ( i.e. Michelle Rempel), along with the Prime Ministers Office, and most all of the Members in the House that are sitting on the Conservative side. Along with the overall Conservative Party of Canada and the Mayor of Toronto, how can Justin go wrong?

Justin Trudeau - How the West will be won?

All political parties employ spin doctors and fart catchers, the difference with the Liberal Party of Canada is that they have all the really really good ones. The speeches and talking points are presently being crafted to contain little sound bites that are designed to be easily taken out of context, this is how you get your enemies and haters to campaign for you for free! After taking the free ride it is very easy to set all the commotion right by playing the whole bite. Your enemies and haters look like the idiots they truly are, and your candidate looks like a most overly harshly treated great person. At the early points in the game, it doesn't matter if what the media says is good or ill, as long as the media is talking about your candidate.

It is very helpful to put it all in context. Even though at the time of this writing, when Justin Trudeau is presently only the head of the Third Party in the House of Commons, his Wikipedia article ranks 3307 out of  the 4,372, 854 articles on Wikipedia! Justin Trudeau is 10 to 15 times more popular then Michelle Rempel, a 'Harper government' cabinet minister! Justin Trudeau has a You Tube video with over a million hits at the time of this writing. Not even the Prime Minister of the 'Harper Government' has anything that comes even close. The writing is on the virtual wall so to speak, and these numbers don't lie... and we of course can count on the enemies of Justin to keep digging, with perhaps the slight pauses to stop and get bigger shovels.

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