Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Senator Mike Duffy Nukes The 'Harper Government'

As already observed, to each according to his threat advantage is not a principle of justice.
John Rawls, A Theory Of Justice, p.141

It appears iridescently ironic to the Oracle of Ottawa that the Bilderberg Group tool of globalization, that is otherwise known as the 'Harper Government', is going to be soon brought down by three Canadians that grew up in small towns. After Mike Duffy got done in the Senate yesterday, it appeared to the Oracle of Ottawa that there is no way on this Earth, in this lifetime, that the "Harper Government' is going to last another 70 days, let alone over 700 days. 

Senator Duffy nukes the 'Harper Government'

Did the Oracle of Ottawa believe what Senator Mike Duffy said? Damn right he did! Did the Oracle of Ottawa believe the bit where Mike Duffy stated that he pre-screened his expenses and that the PMO cleared them all only to stab him in the back while laughing at him? Damn right he did! Did the Oracle of Ottawa believe the part where Mike Duffy got the ambush call from that skank LeBreton, and all the others while out on vacation in P.E.I.? Every level of government in Ottawa now runs like that! Hell ya, the Senator Mike Duffy was telling the truth there also.

All in, the Senators defence in the Senate was one of the most moving speeches he heard from the Hill in many years. And Conservatives say the Senate doesn't work? It appeared to the Oracle of Ottawa that it was working just fine yesterday. And that shot by the Senator comparing the 'Harper Government' to Putins Russia was about right to the Oracle of Ottawa! The mere fact that the Senate can shake the Earth when it has to or wants to is the major reason that the 'Harper Government' no longer wants it around! Yes indeed. The Senate of Canada, the house of sober second thought worked just fine indeed. The Oracle of Ottawa also throughly enjoyed  the bits where Novak was shown and it appeared that he was ready to puke, and no doubt had already soiled his short under pants, again. The Oracle of Ottawa really enjoyed that!    

It is too bad that the Conservatives don't believe in the facts of science. They would have already figured out a while ago that if you place too many bodies under the bus, that at some point the wheels of the bus would no longer be touching the ground. But as you guessed it Dear Reader, to the Conservatives, science is just for nerds and lefties from Ontario. Meanwhile on the bus, ole Steve Harper desperately clutches the steering while moving it rapidly to and fro, leaning forward with his foot to the floor of the accelerator peddle screaming at the top of his voice " I,m driving the fuck out of this bus!". It all looks really strange to anyone who is watching from outside the now motionless motor vehicle. How crazy is that?   

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