Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Senator Mike Duffy - His Greatest Gift

The greatest evil has already come about, when there are poor men to be defended, and rich men to be restrained.
Jean Jacques Rousseau, A Discourse On Political Economy

And so it goes... Question Period was an utter riot again today, as the Prime Minister, Steve Harper of the hapless 'Harper Government' got plowed like a donkey on a slave galley by Thomas Mulcair. It was a hoot, as the ole Steve Harper, was actually seen to be reeling and tottering in his place. Meanwhile down the hall on the Hill, in the Senate Chamber, Senator Mike Duffy had them all hanging on every word, and the possibility of all the other words to come. The Senator is like a nuclear ballistic missile submarine, with many missiles to launch, and all of them with multiple independent reentry vehicles.

Mike Duffy-A Great Canadian!!

Mike Duffy has been a journalist for a hell of a long time. The Oracle cannot find out which high school the vertically challenged Senator graduated from. And he does not have a degree from Gate Keeper U (i.e. Queens University). It has been a hell of a run on just grade nine! There is a joke in Ottawa going around about him being the last journalist to leave Vietnam at the fall of Saigon in 1975. The story goes that the CBC hoped that they had luckily lost him, but accepted  him back when the Vietnamese made a huge cash offer to take him back! The Vietnamese Diplomat stated that the Vietnamese had already survived the French, the Americans, and even the communists would be a piece of cake, but there was no way that Vietnam could survive Mike Duffy! Take the money and him PLEASE!

Now the Oracle of Ottawa does not agree with the Senators politics and who he hangs out with. But the Oracle of Ottawa is really pissed that some young punk in short pants at the Prime Ministers Office took him for a rube that could be easily screwed over. All the expenses that the Senator claimed were accepted and paid, and pre cleared by the Senator himself with the ethics commissioner!  It is quite clear to the Oracle of Ottawa that Senator Mike Duffy had been set up to create a phony constitutional crisis that would assist the 'Harper Government' getting rid of the pesky Senate by end running the Canadian Constitution! It has certainly been shown in recent days that the Canadian Senate seems to work very well, no matter who you seem to put in it. It sure is weird how Canada can just happen to you, isn't it?

There hasn't been a spectacle like this in Ottawa in my living memory. CBC political coverage ratings are going through the roof. The public galleries in the House of Commons are full for Question Period and have been for days! Even the public gallery in the Senate has been standing room only for the last couple of days, with a long line being turned away! Even the most seasoned old media print journalists have never seen that before! Senator Mike Duffy has done what no one in recent Canadian history has been able to do, and that is to get the public engaged and interested on what is actually going on in this Great and Impossible Country. When the history books are written in the future this will be seen as Mike Duffy's greatest gift...

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