Monday, November 11, 2013

Jason 'Popeye' Kenney - Leadership?

Time, and Industry, produce everyday new knowledge.
Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, p.176

Up to today the Oracle of Ottawa was convinced that the greatest definition of an oxymoron was "military intelligence". Then while out to the local market the Oracle noticed the front page headline on today's Ottawa Citizen which stated; Jason Kenney Leadership (!) now that is an oxymoron that is all moron and no oxy.  The Oracle of Ottawa knows that we are into the last days of the 'Harper Government' right wing revolution, but you can certainly draw a very sharp line under it now, when the likes of Jason Kenney starts rising up with the utterly insane delusion that he could possibly be the "Next One"!

Jason Kenney campaigning for Justin Trudeau!

Jason Kenney is such a right wing wack ball that he got tossed out of Jesuit University! Ya that is right, Dear Reader, the University of San Francisco. It seems he was such a right wing wack ball trouble maker that even the Jesuits couldn't stomach his fascist opinions and beliefs assorted. Long story short, Jason Kenney has all the requirements of a 'Harper Government' cabinet minister, including being a drop out, ole Steve Harper doesn't like to anybody that is too sharp around him. If you don't believe the Oracle, just check out the old news footage on You Tube.

Look familiar?
 Even though at the time of this writing the golden wanna be is a front row minister of the 'Harper Government' he is as about as popular as a blown out pair of Popeye court shoes. His article on Wikipedia, at the time of this writing, for the last thirty days, has all of 3,886 hits. Meanwhile the leader of the Third Party, Justin Trudeau, had 29,997 hits and ranks 3307 and climbing out of the 4,340,000 articles on Wikipedia! There is no way that the wanna be likes of Jason Kenney can ever catch up with that any time soon, in this lifetime anyway.

The Conservative Party of Canada is soon going to discover the inherent weakness in the Steve Harper management style, especially when he is no longer around. There is not one person in the 'Harper Government' that has any charisma to compete against Thomas Mulcair, let alone Justin Trudeau! The Oracle of Ottawa is wondering how long it is going to take the mentally challenged  Jason to figure out that all that early leadership money is coming from the Liberal party? Ho Ho! As far as the obtaining any leadership position in the Conservative party of Canada, the Oracle of Ottawa can only state that the ponderously slow Ed Fast has a better chance... At least he graduated from everything after high school.     

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