Monday, November 25, 2013

Microsoft - The Pengiun Eats The Butterfly?

I am a plain practical man, not one of your theorists and splitters of hairs and choppers of logic.
Sir James George Frazer, The Golden Bough, p. 69

At the time of this writing it is less then 137 days to the demise of Windows XP Pro. Probably one of the best operating systems that Microsoft has ever built, next to DOS of course. The Oracle of Ottawa has been a fervent user of Microsoft operating systems over many years, all the way back to the DOS era. My present box is in perfect running order, but, to upgrade to the same level as Windows XP Pro, the Oracle will have to shell out over $250.00 for Windows 8.1 Pro! Which is pretty stupid, considering that the computer that I am now  using only cost me $149.99 out the door!

Time to move to Linux!
The Oracle of Ottawa has given up a lot of corporate stuff lately. A corporate pay check, corporate fast food, and now the Oracle of Ottawa is going to give up corporate software. Although all the press and MS marketing states that support for Windows XP will end sometime in April of 2014, the Oracle of Ottawa has noticed that for all intents and purposes they have all ready stopped supporting it at the time of this writing, just to aid the big pre-Christmas marketing rush. The Oracle is not amused. And he is simply not going to take it any more.

As far back as 2006 Microsoft was once the third largest corporation on Earth measured by market capitalization. Now fast forward to 2013, and you will discover that Microsoft is now the seventh largest corporation on Earth by market cap. And to add insult to injury, or rather to increase the contrast of the writing on the wall, Apple is number one! Not even the Oracle of Ottawa had the balls to call that minor upset.

The Oracle of Ottawa has had another life altering revelation lately, and that is that an operating system in this day and age is just too important a thing to leave in the hands of corporate whores out in Redmond, Washington. All the stuff that the Oracle owns that has software to operate, and that works really well, sure as hell is not made by Microsoft. It is all Linux and / or embedded Linux. I mean really, if Google is not using Microsoft, why the hell should you Dear Reader?

The Oracle of Ottawa is just fed up with the so called Microsoft experience, the overpriced registered drudgery of it all. It is an industry and an era that has had its time and is now past. A lot like buggy whips. Other concerns have started entering the Oracles mind also, the major one being my security. The next operating system that the Oracle runs will not be the product of an American corporate whore in the employ of the New World Order and the Department of Homeland Security! Yes the Oracle has decided to bring Linux to his Desktop. And one that originates in Europe, not the United States.

The Oracle  of Ottawa has been toying with the idea for a while now. He has done his due diligence and actually researched Linux on You Tube which was powerfully helpful. But what really shifted the Oracle of Ottawa was catching the philosophy of Linus Torvalds in his many talks that just happened to posted on You Tube. The Oracle of Ottawa was simply blown away by the mans candor and left leaning ideology. Bill Gates can't hold a candle to him as a mental force or as a man... The Oracle of Ottawa will be running some flavor of Linux way before April 2014.

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