Sunday, October 20, 2013

CETA - The Real Agenda?

So that in the nature of man, we find three principall causes of quarrell. First, Competition; Secondly Diffidence; Thirdly, Glory.
Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, p. 88  

If the Canada - European Union free trade deal, also known as CETA, is so awesome, where the hell is the text? If the text is not yet complete, where are the parts that are already done? With all the utter propaganda that is flooding the Oracle of Ottawa's HD television of late, a virtual river of vulgar media, the Oracle of Ottawa has decided to do a little research on his own for his Dear Readers, as a public service, of course.

Steve Harper - Dealing from a full deck?
 It has rapidly become apparent to the Oracle of Ottawa, that the real reason that Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government' has signed such a monstrosity is that gives him one more shot to fight all the battles that he has already lost. The Oracle of Ottawa has discovered that at the time of this writing that CETA contains much more than cheese, pork and beef. The treaty or deal also contains many of the same provisions of copyright that were rejected by the European Union in an another treaty known as ACTA. It caused a hell of a stir in Canada, and was eventually ditched by the 'Harper Government'. A great victory for all Canadians, and a career killing loss for  Vic 'The Dic' Toews, who resigned as "Public Safety Minister on July 09, 2013.

The present propaganda line goes on about the new market of 500 million people in the EU, and the 80,000 new jobs that this is to create in Canada with the increase to every Canadian of at least 1,000 bucks per year. Which to the Oracle of Ottawa hardly seems worth the trouble, all in. The loudest touted bit is that part where by Canadian pork and beef will be able to be sold unhindered to the EU in amounts as much as can be stuffed into cargo containers! To all the sheeple in Canada this is all a slam dunk, it was on TV! The reality is somewhat not exactly the same as the promise.

The Oracle of Ottawa soon realized that the crafty Europeans saw ole Steve Harper coming and going. They allowed the importation of Canadian pork and beef into the EU because it was something that the 'Harper Government' wanted and that the EU would not have to worry a moment about ever actually happening. The reason being that although you may be allowed to ship Canadian pork and beef doesn't automatically mean that anyone in the EU actually wants it! If the rubes from the 'Harper Government' had ever actually spent any time in Europe in their formative years they would have known that the vast majority of Europeans only will eat hand crafted meat and food. A European will not eat corporate large scale raised meat, that contains antibiotics, growth hormones, and even steroids of many kinds various. They don't seem to like their daughters developing the breasts of twenty year old woman at the age of nine years, and the Oracle of Ottawa can't blame them for that.

Now the Europeans really got the nuts off of the 'Harper Government' team when it got its cheese quota quadrupled! That will sell like a house on fire in Canada! And will also destroy our price support system in the process, which is why the 'Harper Government' caved in to the demand. Like ole Steve Harper recently stated in Washington; Never take no for an answer.... 

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