Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thomas Hobbes - A Mortal Flaw Discovered

I Authorise and give up my Right of Governing my selfe, to this Man, or to his Assembly of men, on this condition, that thou give up thy Right to him, and Authourise all his Actions in like manner. This done, the Multitude so united in one person, is called a COMMON - WEALTH, in latine CIVITAS. This is the Generation of that great LEVIATHAN, or rather (to speake more reverntly) of that Mortall God, to which wee owe under the Immortal God, our peace and defence. Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, Chapter XVII, p. 120 

It was just this Sunday morning past Dear Reader when the Oracle of Ottawa read the above passage from Thomas Hobbe's Leviathan, published in 1651, which is to this day considered to be the foundational work that describes the origin and construction of our contemporary societal institutions. Immediately the Oracle felt uncomfortable, that something was wrong, so wrong, in this key passage. He reread the passage again very slowly, and then it dawned on him in a flash!

Leviathan - Mortally flawed??
 Like a nuclear explosion going off in the Oracle of Ottawa's head he realized the serious fatal error within this key passage. It appears that the awesome passage of Hobbes which is the basis for most all societies of the world is most flawed since it breaks two of the Ten Commandments! Not not just any two of the ten but rather the first and second commandments! This is so critical as Hobbes uses scripture as an allegory and a metaphor to build the description of the body of the Leviathan!

 For all of the Oracles Dear Readers that need a little refresher, the first commandment states: I am the Lord thy God. The second commandment is: Thou shalt have no other Gods before me. The above passage, one of the key passages of Leviathan breaks the first commandment in spirit and it breaks the second commandment to the point of outright blasphemy! Now all the really sharp Readers out in the world, especially those in Germany, know that when an error is planted deep into a foundational construction or a set of measurements, the error will propagate slowly (i.e. in a linear fashion) at first and then it will propagate much later in a non-linear fashion.   

Once you come to terms with the monumental discovery you can rapidly understand the cause of all wars, calamities and other atrocities of history various. (Since two buried opposing powers cannot grind against themselves forever.)  All of a sudden Adam Smith and especially Karl Marx are all starting to come in ever so much more clearly. Buried deep within the constructs of our present societies, which all originate from Leviathan, there is buried an ever repeating time bomb, due to a misconstruction of logic that periodically goes off over the course of history. The humble blue collar Oracle of Ottawa has done his life's duty in discovering it and pointing it to you... Now work it! 

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