Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Canada - Recent Scandals Simply Explained

In the sinister human world one individual pole is the tyrant-leader, inscrutable, ruthless, melancholy, and with an insatiable will, who commands loyalty only if he is egocentric enough to represent the collective ego of his followers. The other pole is represented by the pharmakos or sacrificed victim, who has to be killed to strengthen the others.
Northrop Frye, Anatomy Of Criticism, p. 148

If you think that people all around the world are shocked by the recent events in Canada, it is but nothing, compared to the shock of the majority of people that are presently living in Canada. We are stuck with an obese, alcoholic, crack smoking mayor of Toronto, our largest city,  who seems to be able to do anything he desires, without any fear of being removed from office. Meanwhile in Ottawa, three Senators were destroyed with out the usual due process that once was the right of any and all Canadians.

The Scapegoat
 The irony was that these Senators were destroyed, banished, without pay for a period of two years for the so called crime of "false" expense claims, which all in did not even add up to a crummy million dollars! And which the 'Harper Government' accepted, and paid for at the time they were submitted. These three Senators were 'Harper government' appointments. These three Senators raised millions of dollars for the Conservative party Of Canada, with the full approval of Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government'! What is the real meaning of all this?

It is all about the fact that Canada is living under the administration of a budding tyrant. It is all about "under the bus". It is all about the fears of intelligent Canadians being realized. The present Prime Minister of Canada is simply stark raving nuts. Many of us raised the alarms years ago about the dangers of this actor and the coming hidden agenda that he has been working for the last decade.Many prominent people such as Rex Murphy stated in the media that we were under tinfoil hats and that there was nothing to worry about. One can only wonder what will be the ultimate price this actor will pay.

It has been normal practice in Canada to always attempt to salvage wayward individuals. For example, if a Liberal Minister screwed up big time, he was transferred to the back benches, the kinks were hammered out, the ship righted, and then returned to his/her formal position of dignity, or a reasonable facsimile there of.  But upon the advent of the 'Harper Government' right wing revolution, every thing started to take a much more darker and sinister aspect. Failure of any degree was no longer redeemable. It was under the bus. Total destruction, with no chance of any redemption, which is totally out of character for a Judeau- Christian democratic Country.

 At first these "under the bus" virtual executions were few and far between. Then they started to happen in single cases, but now, much closer together and frequently. Of course there is a grave price for these one off executions. Soon there are so many bodies under the ideological bus that the wheels of said bus will no longer touch the ground, even though it is full, someone is at the wheel steering and the wheels are spinning with the pedal to the floor. How pathological is this? And what is the future to hold? The Oracle of Ottawa will now look out ahead and tell you Dear Reader.

The present 'Harper Government' is very much like a seriously dangerous serial criminal, that is never satisfied for long at the demise of its latest victim. The thrill must be reenacted at ever closer intervals, and at some point one victim at a time will no longer be enough. We are presently at the time of this writing past that point. The next executions will consist of an even larger group of Senators and members of the House that spoke out against the earlier "criminal acts". This will continue until it is stopped....

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