Wednesday, November 20, 2013

'Harper Government' - Campaigning For Justin Trudeau

The norms applying to persons who are players in a game depend upon the rules of the game.
John Rawls, A Theory Of Justice, p. 349

It is pretty hard to sit down and write to the blog when you are witnessing the collapse of the Right Wing Revolution in Canada. The spectacle of it all is just breathtaking. Preston Manning is no where to be found. The latest RCMP revelations of the goings on at the Prime Ministers Office are proving that the Prime Minister is either a hay seed rube or the twin brother of Richard Nixon, much talk continues, but either way the chromed domed majesty of ole Steve Harper is all but in and done.

Justin Trudeau - About any time now...
A whole government is going to fall shortly due to some chump change of few Senators, that the Prime Ministers Office had no business meddling in. But the temptation to control just one more thing at the molecular level was just to strong for ole Steve Harper to resist. It is all sort of like a Greek Tragedy with a laugh track. The back benchers days are filled with booking movers and haggling over the cost of the soon to required lawn signs. But the Oracle of Ottawa has heard that many are not even going to bother on the next go round, are just hoping to escape Ottawa with out going to jail.

It is finally starting to sink in to the rubes out West that the Harper Government law and order agenda sort of stops just outside Toronto city limits. And as the Health Minister has stopped the supply of morphine and heroin to the terminally ill, it seems that the supply to the Mayor of Toronto gets hand delivered, every day. This is causing much grumbling in the cock-us.

Changing the channel, the favorite ploy of the 'Harper Government' fart catchers and spin mavens, is no longer working. The reintroduction of the new Bullying Legislation is garnering nothing but laughs from the seasoned media, everyone knows that it is all just another run at the bloggers, the CBC, and that satanic internet. But it is suspected that when the RCMP raids the PMO at all its locations all at once, there won't be much getting done on the legislative agenda. And of course, those pesky by-elections are taking place shortly, and the Oracle of Ottawa has it on good authority that it is all a train wreck in  the making. This means that the "majority" could possibly be in real and total trouble. Now that folks will be real entertainment!  

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