Wednesday, December 11, 2013

'Harper Government' - Just Can't Deliver

The painful but necessary duty was accordingly laid on some poor devil, some social outcast, some wretch with whom the world had gone hard, who readily agreed to throw away his life at the end of a few days if only he might have his fling in the meantime. 
Sir James George Frazer, The Golden Bough, p. 665

For any literate Canadian that has ever read the works of Charles Dickens through to the works of as late as Sir John Maynard Keynes, knows that even in the days of tooth and claw capitalism you not only got your mail delivered once a day right to your door, but in most areas of the Royal Post, you got your mail delivered two or more times a day! And you didn't have to go to a mail box to post a letter! The carriers also did pick ups!

Canada Post will thrive under the next Trudeau Governemnt

So the Oracle of Ottawa thought it all very strange when he heard the ambush announcement on his lunch time news today that Canada Post is no longer going to deliver the mail to Canadians in cities! There was the usual song and dance that due to the digital age that mail delivery has dropped by some astronomical number. What Canada Post and the scum at the 'Harper Government' Bund does not tell you is that for every piece of mail that they are no longer carrying, has been replaced by three rich profit margin parcels from the likes of!

The Oracle of Ottawa does not know where Canada Post gets its figures, but there is no less mail in the Oracle of Ottawas mail box! And when there is no mail there is always that stinking junk mail that Canada Post does not count as mail, but makes a freakin fortune delivering for the corporate whores of Canada assorted. And if it is going so hard and rough at Canada Post how do you explain those custom made Ford Utility trucks that every postman now drives around in? Why it was only a few decades ago that Canada Post used to drive each and every vehicle till the wheels fall off. Now that they aren't making any money (!) they have given every mailman his own brand new, custom made, inner city Ford van!!  

The Oracle of Ottawa is fairly certain that he will not be collecting his mail like a peasant at a community mail box any time soon, or ever, as a matter of fact. Now the Oracle of Ottawa knows that the 'Harper Government' is campaigning for Justin Trudeau, but this will certainly put the icing on the cake for the next election. Most of the people that will be affected by this crap live in riding's that the conservatives won by a margin of less than one percent.

The Oracle of Ottawa does not know why Canada Post cannot make a go of it. Do you think that people in Germany that are well served by Deutsche Bundespost  have to demean themselves by going to a community mail box like some peasant? I think not! How is it that the so called social engineered Nanny States in the European Union are better served then we are in Canada by the scum sucking brand of conservative capitalism? Or could it really be true that the secret agenda of the 'Harper Government' is really true, in that it has every intention of reducing Canada to a third world country. Taking out the mail system is a good start down this path.

All this is about Dear Reader, is that the scum in the Bund at the Prime Ministers Office knows that it is all in and done as far as a three peat goes. So they are taking the last cheap shots at you and I while they still can. If you watch the Canada Post Prime Minister Office approved propaganda you will soon figure it all out for your self that it is all a lie. What government body and or entity releases a video on social media and will not allow comments or ratings? They of course did that to show how much they truly care about you and your feedback! Right??

At the last session of Question Period yesterday, the scum of the 'Harper Government' cabinet in the form of Tony 'Two Tier' Clement and 'Pizza' Paul Calandra went on about how they are guarding your tax dollars, only to vote themselves an extended Christmas break, of about over six weeks! Yeah I know, you just can't make this stuff up....

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