Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Is John Boehner Dangerous?

In designing and reforming social arrangements one must, of course, examine the schemes and tactics it allows and the forms of behavior which it tends to encourage.
John Rawls, A Theory Of Justice, p. 57

Every time John  Boehner appears on the Oracle of Ottawas big screen Sony television, the Oracle of Ottawa is strangely creeped out. There is some thing vaguely familiar and odious about the man, yet the Oracle of Ottawa cannot quiet put his finger on it.  In the light of recent events the Oracle of Ottawa has day by day become more frightened. Who is this guy?

John Boehner - Creeps me out.
John Boehner is the second child out of eleven, born in Reading, Ohio. He shared the one bathroom in a two bedroom house and his parents slept on a pull out couch in the living room. Although his father owned a bar, it seems that capitalism, and being an entre-pren-whore was not paying very well at the time in Ohio. Out of this incubator of success, John was the only one in the family who ever graduated from college. It took him seven years because he appears to have been too stupid to go out and get a student loan, and besides that version sounds much better to the base in his riding. In Reading, Ohio John Boehner is a go getter and a shaker. Out in Boston and Washington he was always known as and is still known as a low life skidmark. Like John Rawls said, it is all about the starting point, isn't it?

(John Boehner speaks about will, listen to the words between the words...)

Although the great man held several jobs at once to complete his undergraduate degree, he was only tough enough to serve a mere eight weeks in the United States Navy. His Wikipedia article continues on with his superman like struggle from the bottom to the top of some unknown marketing company. You can also detect the unmistakable undertone of the huge chip on his shoulder, something that the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche would later call "the will to power". The Oracle of Ottawa wonders how many red flags a tea party type has to see before folding up.

(Here is another German guy with a chip on his shoulder speaking about will. Is that scary or what!?)

At the time of this writing the US government shut down is in its second day. The President is determined to stand his ground and the Oracle of Ottawa has no doubt that he will, to the very end. But as the Oracle of Ottawa has learned from the vulgar old fashioned media, is that it all gets very much weirder after October 17, 2013. No one can tell what will happen. The scenarios range all over the map so to speak. The Oracle of Ottawa sees several very horrific scenarios where by the situation goes into a kind of unpredictable kind of chaos, like at the beginning of the First World War. An earthquake here an uprising there could throw the whole game plan of every side out of whack. Someone should ask John Boehner if he has found a way to tell Republican ashes from Democrat ashes... 

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