Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2013 Throne Speech Fail

We desire to act on the natural duty to advance just arrangements.
John Rawls, A Theory Of Justice, p. 474

The day had everything. A revolt of the media when the PMO tried to stage manage a speech by the erstwhile Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government' sometime early in the morning. That was one speech that was never heard when the CBC just up and left, and everyone else followed. A very rare spectacle indeed.
This was followed up by a false flag terrorist take-down at the Prime Ministers other office on Wellington Street, that tied up all of down town Ottawa for hours. After the big Speech it was found that the briefcase size package was deemed "inert". But when your hell bent on an unrequired law and order platform setting the stage is very important.

In Canada - Only the dogs are better off...

There was much discussion all over Ottawa during many Thanksgiving dinners Sunday last on how erratic and unpredictable the minions of the 'Harper Government' are starting to act as of late. A lot like a piece of shit as it turns in an ever tightening circle just as it goes down the drain.  There was much comedy over the fact that it all must be very close to the end when the 'Harper Government', perpetual guardian of the corporate whores and the invisible hand, have all of a sudden deemed themselves the true friend of the consumer! What is officially known as the second session of the 41st Parliament, is being referred in Ottawa by its true name, the 'Harper Government's' last stand.

Just before the speech commenced, the Oracle of Ottawa was sickened by the sight of fat gloating Chinese peasants from the Communist Party of China, in the gallery of the Senate Chamber, with the snot-balls at the corners of their mouths, witnessing the the performance of there new gajun slaves, all bought and paid for. For balance there were also the token blacks and the balancing amount of Canadian Aboriginals, as contrast is very important in these days of HDTV.   

And then it started, Dave 'Vern' Johnston gave his speech in his best Dad Talk voice with the usual and intentional appalling French, just to send a signal to all the losers of the Laurentian Consensus, that he and the 'Harper Government' doesn't give a rotating fiddlers fuck about toads east of Alberta. It was the usual stuff. Solutions to problems that are essentially already solved, you can't go wrong solving problems that are already solved, can you?  All the usual thin edges of the fascist wedges were again slipped in, all too numerous to mention in this humble missive.

In every Throne Speech there is always the definitive phrase that really sums up the whole message and intention of then Government. And the Throne Speech of 2013 was no different. It all occurred at the mention of Quantos Law, where by the 'Harper Government' is going to introduce legislation to treat dogs of the pigs of the New World Order of your locked down world like humans if anything un towards happens to one of them in the course of there piggly duties. Like the insanity of the 'Harper Government', you just can't make this stuff up can you? 

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