Friday, October 18, 2013

'Harper Government' - The Desired State Of Nature

As in other things, so in men, not the seller, but the buyer determines the Price.
Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, p. 63

Well it all went off as the spin doctors and the fart catchers scripted it. Another fatal attempt of the 'Harper Government' to change Canada forever. And of course the crafty Europeans did their homework and knew that ole Steve Harpers little micro dick is well and stuck in the proverbial pencil sharpener, and duly took full advantage of him at the last minute, by getting the 'Harper Government' to abandon certain visa restrictions on certain European Union member states. No doubt Roma the world over will be celebrating and packing at this very moment.

Canada awaits you Sweetheart!!

We all now know as common knowledge that the goal of the 'Harper Government' is to change Canada forever. The method deployed has been that of a large number of barely noticeable changes. But what exactly is the desired state of nature at the end of this process? Of course the Oracle of Ottawa has found the answer and as a public service, he will share the knowledge with his faithful and Dear Readers.

It was the great Thomas Hobbes who in1651 stated that man starts out in an elementary state of nature, where all war against all. Well the Oracle of Ottawa can assure you Dear Reader, that this is not the state of nature that the 'Harper Government wants at all. Rather, the 'Harper Government' wants a state of nature of Us and Them. The ruling one percent is the Us group. The remaining ninety nine percent is the Them group, better known as you and I. The end goal of the 'Harper Government' is to achieve a state of nature where by there remain no protections at all for the Them group for the abuses and exploitation that is rendered unto them by the Us group. But there will always just enough government to protect the ill gotten gains of the Us group from any uprising of the Them group. This is the 'Harper Government' ideal of the optimum size of government, got that?

(Brampton will never be the same after this! Thank You very much...)

But although the so called deal has been signed, it is a long way from in and done. It still has to be ratified by all ten provinces and three territories in Canada and all twenty eight nation states of the European Union!! That is ole Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government' has to call forty one correct coin tosses in a row! That is one chance  in 2,199, 023, 000, 000 or one chance in 2.199 trillion. Good luck with that!  

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