Friday, October 11, 2013

The Vampire Of Stats

The norms applying to persons who are players in a game depend upon the rules of the game.
John Rawls, A Theory Of Justice, p. 349

Well Dear Sheeple it has been a hell of a week hasn't it? Your government is your friend. Your government respects your privacy and civil and human rights. The government would never let the corporate over whores use intelligence institutions that you pay for to do their spying would they? So how is all this New World Order compromise stuff working out for ya?

CSEC HQ - The next Canada Portrait Gallery?

The Oracle of Ottawa must be getting it all quiet right as of late. He has noticed several 'bots' that are pumping up his blog stats like somebody actually found writing that they really like. To the Oracle of Ottawa a hit is a hit. But upon trying to find out more about these avid blog readers, the Oracle of Ottawa was quiet surprised that there exists no real plausible explanation anywhere, especially on Google, about the true origins and details of the respective sites actual business models. (i.e. vampirestat, adsensewatchdog, etc..)

You have nothing to worry about! Really!

But the Oracle of Ottawa has applied some logic and the simple process of some elementary critical thinking and has quickly deduced the true purpose and origin of these avid blog bots. You have had it drilled into you Dear Reader that your government is obsessed with terrorism, well the Oracle of Ottawa can assure you that your government is obsessed with something much more dangerous then some rag assed terrorist, they are scarred to death of YOU Dear Reader! Just YOU...

We all now know that all corporations of any size have been totally subverted by the Patriot Act, and in Canada by the various omnibus crime and security bills. All that is happening when these blog bots appear is that you have included a word, phrase or stream of thought that the over whores of the New World Order deem some what dangerous should the general public actually cotton on and start thinking on their own, as you are obviously doing right now. 

But you can relax, all that is happening is that these blog bots (sub contractors of the "Five Eyes"...) have direct access to your blogs word cloud, which the government as of late has decided to feed into Prism and Echelon. It is all just meta data, they don't care about you (yet?), they just want to know if the sheeple as a mass are about to catch on to what is really going on. Of course if you say; " Someone should kill that cocksucker, and you than provide a rather important name, than you are no longer metadata but rather a suspect of interest, that could be subject to extraordinary rendition to be water boarded until an unknown and unspecified date.

So all in just relax, nothing at all to fear. Keep on writing that blog, and stay strong, speak truth to power. The Oracle of Ottawa knows from personal experience that it is quiet nice in Hungary in the fall....

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