Sunday, September 29, 2013

Justin Trudeau - The Honeymoon IS Over...

There are questions which we feel sure must be answered in a certain way.
John Rawls, A Theory Of Justice, p. 19

...But what the vulgar old style corporate media has failed to mention, beside the fact that the honeymoon of Justin Trudeau is over, is that simply the orgasmic orgy of a well financed march to power has just begun. For those who are in the know of Liberal party goings on, it is common knowledge that the first financing target was easily met and quickly exceeded. A much more aggressive target has been set, and at the time of this writing this target looks all but "in and done", as they say out in Western Canada cattle sale barns at the end of a sale. Or as the workers quipped in the first Obama  campaign; "Yes We Can".  

Justin Trudeau - The Next One...

The whole thing is starting to take on that electricity that only comes by once in a generation, or if your as old as the Oracle of Ottawa is, twice. The Oracle feels that he is very blessed indeed, and it has made living in the present "interesting times" more than worth the trouble. The young Justin Trudeau has put the snap of a young man back into the Oracle of Ottawa. With the many events and the uncontrolled examples of parapraxis that we have all witnessed from the Conservative party, from top to bottom of the 'Harper Government' it really and truly is only a matter of time before we get on to Part Two of the Just Society.

The Oracle of Ottawa still finds it all so weirdly fascinating, that intangible thing of the right candidate at the right time. As Lord Conrad Black of Crossharbour once said; " The Man does not seek the office, but rather the office seeks the Man". And it seems that the harder the brats in short pants at the Prime Ministers Office bail, the faster the waters of utter disaster continue to flow in.  It is all rather like the myth of Sisyphus in reverse.

The Oracle of Ottawa has included a little clip that he has scrounged from the world wide billboard of You Tube. Feel the electricity, feel the charge of Justin Trudeau just entering a room. It is truly bordering on the unexplainable realm of awesome. And keep in mind as you watch, that this "room" is the present heartland of the 'Harper Government'! There is no one in the 'Harper Government', past, present, or future, and not even Steve Harper himself, that has that incredible electric effect of the Next One. Like Hunter S. Thompson often said; "Buy the ticket, and take the ride." And keep those donations coming. Canada must be a Just Society...

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