Thursday, October 17, 2013

'Harper Government' Says: Let Them Eat CETA Cheese...

For all men by nature reason alike, and well, when they have good principles.
Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, p.35

You know the EU free trade agreement is toast before it is even signed when you have the likes of Stockwell Day pushing it on CBC's Power And Politics on the old fashioned vulgar media. Very little detail of the agreements details are yet available, save and except the fact that Canada is going to be buried under a virtual tidal wave of subsidized European Union cheese. And with that old screw up in the personage of Stockwell Day you can also count on endless racks of ill fitting spandex dry suits, made in Bulgaria, Stocks favorite campaign uniform.

Steve says: Let them eat cheese!
 But alas Dear Reader as far as European Union free trade goes you can forget about it. Officially the deal is known as CETA and with all the players involved and the general increase in awareness of the unwashed masses, i.e. you and I, there is a very steep road ahead for the hapless 'Harper Government'. The signing and details of the deal are essentially meaningless, because the whole thing swings, stands and falls and the sticky bit; ratification.  

To become official, the deal must be agreed to by every province in Canada, and all twenty six nation states of the European Union! And with the power of all the milk marketing boards in Canada and some very pissed states in the EU which have strong objections to certain Canadian visa restrictions, all the 'Harper Government' has been doing is looking busy. They even know that they don't have a hope in hell of getting it ratified, but talk of it is much better than answering questions of corruption in the Canadian Senate of certain handpicked star Senators of Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government'.

In Canada there are a few organizations that are even more powerful and well financed as the Conservative Party of Canada, and those organizations are the marketing arms of provincial milk marketing boards. And they know how to play the media, and their brand is much more respected than that of the upstart Conservative Party of Canada. It is not unreasonable to conclude that once alarmed and very pissed as they are at present, they are going to rip the very balls off of the Conservatives.

And in a closing twist of high irony one might want to ponder why the Europeans have so much excess cheese. And where they got those super cows in the first place... The Oracle of Ottawa will leave that as an exercise for the reader....

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