Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How Can You Not Believe?

Those who feasted on delicacies perish in the streets,
those who were brought up in purple cling to ash heaps.
Lamentations, 4:5, NRSV

The coming Easter of 2013 is certainly going to be one for the books. Deep in the secure bunker the Oracle of Ottawa marvels at what is visual on his big screen Sony in full HD. A Pope from the new world. The first Jesuit ever, and winning it all at odds at greater than thirty three one! And all very firmly and decisively in the early ballots. All things and events that the Oracle of Ottawa thought would never and could not possibly ever happen, has happened in my lifetime.

Pope Francis SJ

What ever will happen next? Will an outlaw biker become President of the United States? Will the NDP form the next Federal Government here in Canada? It all makes the Oracle of Ottawa wonder why the story of the death and resurrection of a man over two thousand years ago is such a hard sell to all who live today in this "modern" world? Oh ye of little faith. Watching it all unfold on the old style vulgar media, and on You-Tube, the Oracle of Ottawa can feel a certain kind of electricity that he has not experienced since being a kid in the 1960's. On several occasions over the last week or so, the Oracle of Ottawa has literally felt the ground shift under him.

All the big time new media atheists have been ever so strangely silent. The Oracle of Ottawa wonders what Christopher Hitchens would have said at this miraculous string of events? Or if the great Doctor Hunter S. Thompson was alive and in his sober prime, what the copy for the Rolling Stone article would have looked like? Could you imagine Hunter in the Square of Saint Peter's in Rome covering the great story, just picture it if you possibly can.

Now that Pope Francis is officially inboard and driving as of today, the Oracle wonders when the blood will flow in the streets so to speak. For any one who knows of such things the Oracle still recommends that a close eye be kept on certain wholesale personnel changes that the Oracle of Ottawa is sure to start happening very shortly. Especially at the Institute for Works of Religion, otherwise known as the Vatican Bank. The Oracle still stands by his prediction that somehow and very strangely all  securities markets are going to experience an upward surge of hundreds of points as that once constrained Invisible Hand is allowed free reign again. It certainly has a lot of catching up to do, doesn't it?

Habemus Papam....

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