Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Second Coming Of The Laurentian Consensus

"for whatever is born of God conquers the world."
1 John, 5:4, NRSV

Since the start of the one time majority of the 'Harper Government' there has been no end to the insane propaganda. Who can forget the pissings of  Preston Manning just after the accursed event, when he stated, with a straight face, no less, that Canada is now and will continue to go all right wing. Now the Oracle of Ottawa must commend the western hay seed rube on his brass. Considering that the 'Harper Government' majority was won with a mere 39% of the popular vote! And the court cases and investigations are many and continue anon. Not to mention the cabinet resignations.

Justin Trudeau - The second cumming ...
 The latest installment from the Prime Ministers Office of propaganda concerns something called the Laurentian Consensus, now this one is a total laffer. Some new wanna be characters are trying to convince Canadians with half a brain that Canada is longer ruled from the area of the Laurentian Valley as it has always been. This of course is totally false. Now granted there have been times, very few in number, that a stray dog government somehow comes to power, at the points of dynasty exhaustion, which is to totally to be expected. The Oracle of Ottawa reminds the dear reader of the 1950's in Canada, enough said?

Soon the Liberal Party of Canada will have a new leader, and as the Oracle of Ottawa predicted, it will all be over after the first ballot. Contrary to popular Conservative Party opinion, the Liberal Party is far from dead. Especially with the Conservative Party and The NDP continually giving it mouth to mouth so to speak! Canada has been through worse in its short history, and we will stomp the present evil of the 'Harper Government'  out so completely, that it will appear like it never even existed.

What is this? Just another zero blowing smoke...

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