Saturday, March 23, 2013

'Harper Government' - The Silver Lining

A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.
Sir Francis Bacon, Essay LII, Of Ceremonies And Respects

Don't let it get you down my fellow Canadians and allied travelers, it is all just the master plan unfolding. After the puke up of budget 2013, another brick in the wall of the Canadian Inaction Plan, yet more of the Canadian social fabric has been dismantled. Why the wee finance minister was so proud of his latest work, that he boarded a plane for China forthwith, to enjoy the land of panda bears and lady boys, to inform the progress of the 'Harper Governments' true masters.

Justin Trudeau - The second cumming...
 But the Oracle of Ottawa has realized that all is not for nought. Today was the last Liberal Party Leadership debate in Montreal. It seems that the newbie Justin Trudeau has raised over seven figures of money without even trying. One point three million or thereabouts. Many leftie Canadians eagerly await the arrival of their leadership ballots so they can at last, put the final nails in the 'Harper Government' coffin. 

Then the Oracle of Ottawa had a rush of irony in realizing that all the work of the 'Harper Government' in the last ten years, is all but to amount to the clearing of the field for the second part of the 'Just Society' that appears to be well on its way to happening. With all the old structures of the Canadian social infrastructure all but already removed, it will be a dawdle to reconstruct something brand new and much better. You could say that the 'Harper Government' has fulfilled the role of a shitty John The Baptist! 

But in the near future it is all going to get very scary for the Conservatives. The Oracle of Ottawa figure it will all start with the bye election of Penashue The Unplugged out in Labrador, Newfoundland. It seems that the chrome domed eminence of Steve Harper is going to have the election for sure, but so far is scared shitless to call it! What is he waiting for, Justin Trudeau to win the Liberal Leadership Convention?

Oh and who could forget the CBSA reality show debacle! Is Shaw Cable answerable to the Conservative Party Purity Committee in Ducks Ass Alberta also? If you want to stop illegal construction workers in Canada, just start putting the Conservative Party supporters that hire them in jail. The problem will be fixed in no time!  And as for the rest of the right wing wacko's....

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