Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rob Ford - Rehab, No, No, No?

I am not so old and cowardly as not to be young in reason on behalf of piety.
4 Maccabees, 5:31, NRSV

Well dear reader, I am sure you have seen tonight's video of his eminence Rob Ford on the CBC National News, yet again. Today's outburst concerned the density challenged mayor of Toronto's reaction to a rather not too flattering story in today's Toronto Star newspaper. A rather scurrilous article that reported that one said mayor was asked to leave a certain military social function. Due to the apparent condition that the said mayor allegedly appeared to be in at the time.

Rob Ford - Time running out?
 It struck the Oracle of Ottawa that the mayor was sweating rather more profusely than usual, which is a whole lot, if you check out the video carefully. Now any one with even the most basic analytical skills, can guesstimate the present mayors weight at over 300lbs, easy. Now any other chemical effort combined with breathing is and would be most dangerous for a person in the shape that the eminent  mayor now appears to be in. And did you see the pictures in the said article? Oy!

Now the Oracle of Ottawa will tell you from experience that alcoholism is very easy to hide, if you have the smallest amount of discipline. But other stuff can be damn near impossible to hide once it gets a hold on you. And from the look of the pictures that the that terrible article printed and the ones you can see on Google Images, well dear reader, you can come to your own conclusions. Now the only question is; will the rotund asset of the Conservative revolution just survive to the next election, let alone win it?

It appears to the Oracle of Ottawa that someone had better intervene here and soon. Seriously, if all my favorite Conservatives start dropping, the Oracle of Ottawa is going to be severely challenged for future copy after the funerals. Now Rob Ford should attack this problem in a cold rational Conservative fashion. He should find out if he can get a discount if he brings a certain federal finance minister with him at the same time...

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