Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Canadian Aviation and Space Museum Does Darth Vader?

Whosoever is found variable and changeth manifestly without manifest cause, giveth suspicion of corruption.
Sir Francis Bacon, Essays,  Essay XI, Of Great Place

The Oracle of Ottawa just never knows what the news of the local vulgar media late night news will bring next. The Oracle of Ottawa was shocked and appalled to learn that our National  Canadian Aviation and Space Museum is going to be hosting a Star Wars Exhibition! It is like having a flower and lawn show at the Canadian National Military Cemetery!  Now Star Wars has it place of course, at comic book shows and Star Wars Conventions, but it has no business at the National Air Museum of Canada. Do you think that such a thing could happen at the American National Air And Space Museum?

Selling out to Hollywood...
 The Oracle has no doubt put this down to the 'Harper Government' policy that a Museum should be run as a profit generating business. Why the Oracle is pretty sure that you will no doubt be able to get a Jedhi helmet with your name on it just like when you go to Disneyland and get your own personalized Mickey Mouse hat! As far as all that old Canadian shit, who really wants to see that? Who even knows today what the Arrow was, and the scum, gutless Conservative Government of the time that killed it, and destroyed Canada's place and chance at being an aerospace superpower... Star Wars just has so much more jerk off factor, don't it?

Darth Vader or a punk from the PMO?

It is all so depressing to see the cheapening of our national institutions by the western scum Conservatives. And the pathetic rube of the present curator, one Denise Amyot, who in no way looks like a national museum curator, but rather another low life Conservative Party of Canada appointee. If she has or ever had any pride or decency she would submit her resignation forthwith. As far as the Oracle of Ottawa is concerned, and as a veteran, he will be giving it a very large exclusion and I would heartily recommend that you do the same. 

Let us all get down and grovel in the American cultural filth...

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