Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cardinal Marc Ouellet! Are You Kidding Me?

For which is greater, the gift or the altar that makes the gift sacred?
Matthew, 23:19, NRSV

For a Cardinal that has recently said that the job of the Papacy "is not very enviable", and "It's the kind of thing you don't campaign for.", you would never know it if you are a resident of Canada! For the last two nights here in Canada, there was Cardinal Marc Ouellet in full HD on the CBC National evening news cast. Being interviewed by Peter Mainsbridge,  all cheesey jesusy, it was enough to make a maggot barf!

Cardinal Ouellet not campaigning....
 If you read into the good cardinals background, you soon will have to come to the conclusion that at present he is (was?) Pope Ratzingers right bower! And not only that, he was very responsible for seeing the right winged Rottweiler into his not so successful Papacy. Old Ratzinger and Ouellet have a lot in common. The Oracle of Ottawa finds it comical and ironic if it wasn't so loaded with future tragedy of an ancient organization. They both are, well, small town hicks! The Holy Roman Catholic Church really needs some more of that don't it?

It all reeks of Opus Dei to the Oracle of Ottawa! And believe the Oracle of Ottawa, Opus Dei is no joke. It is big here in Ottawa, the Oracle of Ottawa also knows what is like when it goes through your family, oh yeah.  And they are huge in the media, all over world. And if you are very suspicious,and had your tin foil hat on, you saw them in their full power and might on and through the CBC in the last two nights. Secret organizations with very little financial see through, just love the right wing unbendable bible thumpers. They usually are not very strong in the numbers department. Certain organs in the Church just love that. And believe the Oracle of Ottawa it is all about the money.

The Church is at a real cross roads. If they don't get it right this time, it could be all over in our lifetime. What we really need is a left wing renegade that will toss the money changing whores from the temple so to speak.
Some one who when is elected, the world will cheer in joy, and a whole lot of the devils agents will be scrambling for their tax havens and Papal passports...

The good Cardinal Ouellet is correct on one point; others could do it better....

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