Monday, March 25, 2013

Toronto Pandas Arrive - Chinese Conquest Complete

For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.
SunTzu, The Art Of  War, Chapter 3

Can you think of any better symbol of China than the Panda? A fat, dozy, stunned, stupid animal, that has long since past it's evolutionary best before date tens of thousands of years ago. An animal that can't really be removed from its original environment without it dropping dead. At first glance, it appears sooo cute, but once you do it and get over it, you realize that under the fur it is just like all china men, a barbaric peasant.

How the hell is this 'cute'??
 And you know when the Chinese Peasants Republic grant you the dubious honor of being allowed to babysit a pair of these worthless animals, they all but have you up the ass, and that you are essentially a Chinese vassal state. That seems to be just fine with the useless 'Harper Government'. There was the chromed domed useless eminence, in the person of Steve Harper there to greet these sluggish slut bears in person! What a joke! Meanwhile last summer, he couldn't show up at the airport in Ottawa to greet Angella Merkel, the President of Germany! Who the Oracle of Ottawa would rather do business with any day before wasting my time with Chinese peasants. Not hating, just saying...

And did you get a load of that peasant Chinese ambassador to Canada! What a vulgar lowlife piece of shit! Millions of dollars are being spent to have this useless lowlife shit in my once nice clean country. And the 'Harper Government' actually spent the last couple of years all but begging for the dubious honor of hosting the Chinese peasant slug bears. Just let the damn things go extinct and get it all over with.

Of course in return we should give the Chinese a similar gift shouldn't we? The Oracle of Ottawa was thinking three pairs of breeding Canadian Beavers! The Chinese could just leave them any where back in the woods most anywhere in China, and they will soon have a beaver for every zoo in China and the rest of Asia! Do you see the esential difference between Canada and China? Panda bear - beaver, got it? In the interest of economy, two doses of 9cc's of Smith and Wesson should be applied to each Panda and then reduce the carcass' to a rug and then return them to China to save on the shipping....

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