Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pope Francis - A New Age - It's On!

If God is for us, who is against us?
Romans, 8:31, NRSV

The Oracle of Ottawa is totally beside himself! What a day. When I did up the my "favorite picks" post for this conclave, the Oracle of Ottawa was well aware of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, but not even the Oracle of Ottawa would allow himself the possibility of it ever happening. (Surely the dear readers would have suspected that the Oracle had truly slipped his clutch plates.) Not even if I lived to be as old as Moses! Oh ye of little faith.

Pope Francis - Our ship comes in...

The Oracle of Ottawa clearly remembers the utterly devastating disappointment of hearing of the election of Pope Benedict XVI. The worst possible choice. The Oracle was despondent for a very long time after that one, and had all but given up hope. Fortune again put me right at a radio as the event transpired, very weird that, I was driving in the car, somewhere in Ottawa, hoping to give it all a bye. Convinced that the pick of the next right wing wacko would take at least till Friday coming. It bubbled up on the CBC as they broke into live coverage, the white smoke was observed, but the choice was not known. Bracing for for another crush of disappointment, the Oracle of Ottawa decided to keep the radio on, and take it like a man.

(Rumor has it that even God is SJ!)
 To tell you the truth, it was way better on radio, it was just like being in the Square, way at the back...Well it was all a total shocker! The CBC thingy had trouble pronouncing the name of the newbie Pope. Then the Oracle heard above the roar of the crowd Argentina! Then he caught "the first Jesuit"! Then Pope Francis! God damn! It is a freaking miracle! It is a good thing that the Oracle had his seat belt on, I swear I could feel myself rising from the car seat. Then, you can't make this stuff up, it snowed, a radiant white snow, yet the sun was shining through it. Well at this point, the Fear came over the Oracle of Ottawa, but a voice inside of me said; Fear not Oracle, For I the Lord have delivered this day the whole world. The Fear retired forthwith.

Armoured Cadillac - Don't leave home without it Pope Francis!!
 Even if you are not a Catholic this is important. Even if you are not a Christian, this is important. Even if you are a Jew or a Muslim or a pagan, this is important. This will affect the world and everyone in it even if they never heard of Pope Francis. The first Pope from the New World, the first Jesuit(!!!), the first non European Pope in over 1200 years. And that he picked the name Francis, whether it is for Saint Francis Assisi or Saint Francis Xavier is immaterial, neither of those Saints would have voted Republican or Conservative! And that to the oracle of Ottawa is the massive move forward.  

Now you are surely asking, what the hell is a Jesuit? The Oracle of Ottawa will provide a few analogies to try to explain how important this is. Basically, Jesuits are the one percenters of the Catholic Church. Think of a soldier of the Waffen SS or a Hells Angels biker. Well believe it or not, these guys are just as nuts and can be just as frightening. As a matter of fact, to this very day, there are countries that they are not allowed to step foot in! The total number of the order today is less than 20,000. But they are still all over the world, even in Russia, and of course they are here in Ottawa also. They played an incredibly important part in the development of Canada, United States of America and most all of South of America. They keep a very low profile, so much so that the Oracle of Ottawa still has never met one in the flesh. You just hear about them after the fact mostly. They have made an incredible contribution to the development of the whole world and have many Saints, Martyrs and Blessed's among there number.

Now this Pope is going to have immediate and very long term effects that the Oracle is convinced is going to reverberate around the world. The first immediate effect is the ordered removal of all those under the counter derivative deals that have been placed by the rotten right wingers in the Vatican Bank in support of a complicated master plan of various MNC's that are part of the master plan of the "New World Order" to take all the workers of the world back to the nineteenth century.  When these are lifted we all will know it! Most all the indexes around the world will jump by several hundred points in a very short time as the plug is removed and the worlds moneys start to move again. Mark the Oracles words on this one. Later on there will be something near as big as Vatican II, where upon all the worlds most prominent economists, labor leaders, and other social scientists will be called to Rome for the express purpose of dealing with the curse of wealth and poverty. Wait for it....

In closing, as always, the Oracle of Ottawa is very worried already about one big thing, and that is the immediate safety of our new Pope Francis. For all the Catholics that are over the age of 55, will know what fear the oracle of Ottawa is expressing. The Oracle can only hope that Pope Francis is on the phone back to his home Jesuit House to get a shitload of people that he knows and trusts with his life, and that includes the cook! No more bus or other public transport ever! You take that limo and make sure it is armoured to hell and back! If there isn't any in the Vatican carpool call the State Department and see if President Obama can spare one of his Cadillacs. The Oracle of Ottawa wishes he was joking here, on this point, but sadly he is not.

What a day! I can still hardly believe that it actually happened in my lifetime.

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