Monday, March 4, 2013

'Harper Government' - Another Ironic Twist

Their wanderings through the crimson twilight had brought them to the neighbourhood of Metre 170 on Rack 9.
Aldous Huxley, Brave new World, p. 20

Most everyone alive in Canada today is well aware of the so called Robocall scandal. It allegedly occurred just before the last federal election, whereupon the 'Harper Government' finally won it's majority. A very large number of seats were won by less than 5% of the popular vote. Almost immediately, there were complaints of weird calls being received by voters on election day claiming to be from Elections Canada  that redirected voters to nonexistent polling stations. The multiple cases are now before the courts and the subject of many investigations.

Aldous Huxley-Ford be with you..

One of the names that keeps coming up over and over in the present vulgar old style media is a company from western Canada called Racknine Communications. The Oracle of Ottawa thought that was a pretty snappy name, sort of catchy in many ways, since computer servers are stacked in standard 19 inch racks. The Oracle of Ottawa at that point thought no more about it, and continued on with his ongoing "thinking about thinking" project, in  the hope of gaining enlightenment.

Well recently the "thinking about thinking" reading has taken the Oracle of Ottawa to a reread of a novel that the Oracle first read while he was a mere teenager, back many years ago when the Oracle of Ottawa was "fab". That novel was Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. You know a novel of the future is great when you first read it, and come to the conclusion; that could all very well happen! You know that same novel is an absolute classic when you reread it decades later and come to realize that, holy shit, that Brave New World is already here!

It is all in the early pages, as a bunch of new alphas are being given a tour of the Central London Hatchery, since no humans in the Brave New World are conceived in the old fashion way, but rather, they are grown outside of the womb and then "decanted". It just so happens that the Brave New World doesn't need too many sharp people. So, on the assembly line, at Metre 170 on Rack 9 is the location where the little test tube humans are chemically dumbed down, with alcohol and a host of other chemicals and methods! The Oracle of Ottawa again thought of the name of Racknine Communications. Surely it is all a coincidence! Isn't it? 

You would think that the old style vulgar media would have picked up this story and fact way before a mere blogger, wouldn't you? Who would have thought that there actual live interviews of the creator of the Brave New World still in existence? Well somehow there is. Enjoy and listen very carefully....

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