Sunday, December 30, 2012

Yes - All You Have Is Less...

I pass away. yet I complain, and no one hears my voice.
William Blake, The Book Of Thel, Part II,  line 4

Well dear reader, it is all in and all but done. And the great 'Harper Government' is not letting anyone down, is it? The great legacy of the 'Harper Government'; the legacy of less is well on its way. Now you have less unemployment insurance, less retirement time, less choices to sell your crop(s). Less opportunity to compete in the free market to sell your labour, the only thing that most Canadians have to offer. Canada has a less bright spot in the world. And the only thing that the young have to look forward to, that is certain, is less.

Welcome your new masters...

It was the year of the omnibus crime bill, the omnibus budgets and it should not be surprising that the newest and most popular word that was introduced into the Oxford English Dictionary  this year was "omnishambles"! The irony of it all is simply breathtaking isn't it? Then just before the high holiday of this Christian Nation the 'Harper Government' announced the sell-out of Canada to our new Chinese masters. The details of which are still a secret. Right on cue, the first horde of orthodontically  challenged Chinese peasants landed in British Columbia at a coal mine. The Oracle of Ottawa predicts that by 2015 TFW's (Temporary Foreign Workers) will be doing one in ten jobs in the Canadian economy. By 2020 it will be at least one in five jobs.

It was wondrous weird that as soon as the CNOOC deal was approved, Air Canada announced the opening of its new "budget" airline Rouge Air! The Oracle of Ottawa calls it Air Canada's Red Flag! It took a while to explain to my significant other that this was not an airline that she could travel on. With a busted union staff contract, and over 85 seats added from the Airbus, this is not something that your average Caucasian can board to take that cheap trip to Asia! With 85 seats added that means that the galley and the crew sleeping quarters is gone! Air Rouge or Rouge Air is simply a TFW air freight train. It was part of the China Canada foreign investment protection act! Since the details of this act are secret, prove the Oracle of Ottawa wrong!

It also appeared to the Oracle of Ottawa that the promise of a hands - off economy did not appeal very strongly to the people of Ottawa. The cheap Chinese shit was still piled high and unsold at the all the malls in Ottawa. Perhaps the "reinvented government" of the City of Ottawa had a lot to do with this also, in that there was no intense snow removal at all this year, no doubt due to the fact that the snow happened on statutory holidays that would have entailed time and a half and or double time and a half. You can't buy that Chinese shit if you can't get to the Malls can you? The Oracle of Ottawa is certain that the corporate over - whores will realize a mistake in their strategy, or not!  

As the Oracle of Ottawa has mentioned many times before in this humble blog, not even the basest animal in nature ever shits in it's own nest! Well this year proved that the present 'Harper Government' is certainly not your average animal! Ho! Ho! Bill C-377 will no doubt pass in the Senate. Then we will get the Right To Work legislation right after. At least the blue collar types will always be able to get at least minimum wage. The young and upcoming white collar types have nothing to look forward to but one unpaid internship after another. Paid for by their parents. House and home mortgaged to help junior get that starting job that will at least pay the interest on his or her student loans... Entrepren - whore - ship, great isn't it?

"The horrors (whores?) of your experience... LOL....

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