Tuesday, December 4, 2012

'Harper Government' - Maritime Union - The Second Land Clearance

And that there may be no doubt about our position in regard to that document we say, question it you may, reject it you may, or accept it you may, but alter it you may not. (Hear, hear.)
Thomas D'Arcy McGee, Legislative Assembly, February 9, 1865 

It was Sunday night last that the Oracle of Ottawa first learned of the 'Harper Government' proposal to the Maritime Provinces of Canada to "unite". It was a wondrous thing that the Oracle of Ottawa was seated at the time! The first thought that was registered in the great mind of the Oracle was; Jesus how bad is it in the 'Harper Government' really? When you start floating such insanity as this it is really just a very desperate attempt to "change the channel" as the spin doctors and fart catchers would say. For the likes of this scum, it is all in a days work.

The "other" Charlotte Town Conference?

Old style Canadians, i.e Liberals and left of that, realize right away that such a move is all but impossible. Perhaps the three burnt out old senile Senators probably didn't get that far in the book of Canadian Constitutional Law. Most Conservatives really hate to read and think, especially if the words are too big. But they should know that they are treading into the dangerous territory of the Curse of D'Arcy McGee. The curse goes that who ever would be insane enough to tinker with what the founding fathers had wrought, they  would all suffer to a man (and woman) very great weirdness. Untimely death and demise co-mingled with catastrophic political losses and irreparable setbacks. In Ottawa, among those who know of such things, it is taken very seriously. Ponder that with all your attentive powers if you will, or can...

Beware the Curse of D'Arcy McGee!!

Nova Scotia is Latin for New Scotland. New Scotland was populated by persons that were victims of the cruel and barbarous Highland Clearances. These are the people that today still are resident in Cape Breton and most all of the parts of present day Nova Scotia. The Oracle of Ottawa has provided a link so that you can update your information on this seemingly forgotten history. Another book that gives a most excellent account of the Highland Clearances in both Scotland and Ireland can be read in Volume I of Das Kapital by Karl Marx! But alas only a high end Liberal or a blue collar NDP type would know that today.

It should not take your average Maritimer too long to see through this "proposal" as the starting point of the Second Land Clearance. That is the depopulating or exile of the Maritimes to the tar ponds of Alberta. Whenever a Conservative comes forward with a "proposal", that is just a semaphore signal, so to speak, that you are well and truly fucked. If it hasn't dawned on you yet, the Legacy of the 'Harper Government' is Less. Most Maritimers don't have to reflect on this fact for very long. That friend, relation brother in law that can't seem to access Employment Insurance, or get a problem with getting your first old age pension check that will soon be many years off into a future you won't probably live to see. This is not an accident, this is on purpose! One can go back into the Hansard and the Question Period tapes where the bug-eyed Minister was actually caught out bragging to a bunch of hicks out side of the tar ponds in Alberta that the required bodies that they so desperately require will be right along, or they will starve to death! Geez, the Conservatives really like the Maritimes don't they? And who could ever forget the "culture of defeat" crack by the head chrome dome of the 'Harper Government' - the Legacy of Less....

But the real reason of this proposal, the Oracle of Ottawa cannot speak. It concerns Prince Edward Island. The Oracle of Ottawa must warn the Islanders to be on their greatest guard at this time. It is your Island Home that is the hidden agenda of this Maritime proposal. The Oracle of Ottawa has found out that you may have been dealt out to make room for a new home of a certain middle east ethnic group that one dare not name... that could in the very near future be in great and desperate need for a new Promised Land...      

Beware of the Second Land Clearance!!!

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