Monday, December 10, 2012

'Harper Government' - Like A Monkey At Ikea

We find rhetorical situations everywhere in life, and only our imaginations can get us out of them.
Northrop Frye , The Educated Imagination, p. 58

""T'was a few nights before Christmas, and all through the House, not a creature was stirring, not even a starving Wheat Board mouse. The stockings are all ready hanging by the Speakers Chair, hung with great care, all in the hope that the bag man from CNOOC would soon be there!""

'Harper Government' Minister awaits limo...

Ho! Ho! Ho! Some days it is really good to get up and chase the 'Harper Government' like rats across the frozen tundra. Today's Question Period was a real barn burner. One of the best of the year, so far. And it looks like Chris Charlton of the NDP is going to win the analogy of the year, when she compared the actions of the 'Harper Government' to a monkey lost at Ikea. The place went nuts! And the Oracle of Ottawa noticed that the Chrome Domed Gris himself showed signs of sweat breaking through his do-me make-up, and his pity-fuck gray lipstick actually started to smudge! Oh yes, dear reader, the wave of shit is starting to break over the 'Harper Government', as the Oracle of Ottawa predicted.

The main hot points were the secret conditions of the CNOOC deal that was approved on Friday last. Well it seems they are a secret! But the Oracle of Ottawa has figured some of them out. The first rule is that there will be no more competition. So that is why the rules are changed as announced  at the press conference Friday last. 

It also seems that the fighter planes that we had a signed deal for, was not real, and although all the bullshit has run up a cost of millions of dollars, the 'Harper Government' still hasn't spent one cent on any airplanes! Yes dear reader, the 'Harper Government' looks like a monkey lost at Ikea.... 

What are the secret agreements? The Chinese can send all the indentured coolies they can find?

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