Tuesday, December 11, 2012

City of Ottawa - Chop Stick Lackeys?

Something that is merely negative creates nothing.
Karl Marx, Grundrisse, p. 532

Well we can all check off another one the secret agreements that the 'Harper Government' made with the Peoples Republic of China concerning the CNOOC - NEXEN deal, can't we? That entails all the harvesting of all our finest tech talent to the buck toothed Chinese peasants. Why I saw it on the vulgar media with my own eyes no less!

Which way to the tech incubator?

There it was on the six o'clock CBC supper news, the pretty show boy from the central casting of the Bejing Politburo announcing a crummy ten million dollars to be invested in Kanata, now only a mere shadow of itself, due to its successful rape of the corporate over - whores, for a mind robbing high tech "incubator", which in the United States would be called a intellectual property theft and spy center! Many Ottawa burg(h)ers were on hand, some of them all smiles, only that they are too ignorant to know any better, or else too well greased in their 15 random digit accounts in some offshore shit hole, that of course will never materialize at the end of the day.

But the Oracle of Ottawa was shocked, simply shocked, at how subdued the august mayor Gentleman Jim looked throughout the whole process that the CBC crew captured for my supper viewing enjoyment. He in no way looked at all in charge. And the Oracle of Ottawa wondered just how low would the City of Ottawa go for some buck toothed Asian peasant that could claim to wave a few paltry million dollars under their respective noses?

Why would any one with a truly good idea give up on iota of ownership to a buck toothed peasant from China? Why would any one in their right mind that was truly informed even want to do business in China, which is essentially a social ticking time bomb waiting to unfold? Then it dawned on the Oracle of Ottawa, it was not a decision that was made in Ottawa, well certainly not at Ottawa city hall anyway. It was a decision that was made in Bejing, from a deal cut by the 'Harper Government' somewhere in the wilds of Russia, that was greatly sped up when the buck toothed peasants flashed the pictures and the tapes. There will be many more such "investments". And you better be able to speak mandiran if you are hoping for a piss cleaning job at the new down town Ottawa casino! Yes of course you stupid rube! There will be no jobs for locals. With a foreign soul sourced contract, everything from the piss wipers to the whores will be imported, indentured slave labour from China, just like the first wave of "coal miners" out at Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia!    

If all this wasn't bad enough, we stakeholders, were informed and treated to another gift of some stupid sound stage that is being proposed for the City of Ottawa! Who in the hell wants that shit here? Oy vey...If you want to go into media; piss off to Hollywood! That is not a business that is suitable for the fine up standing people of Ottawa! We are meant for higher things of a more cerebral nature. Members of the Civil Service that runs Canada in all fact and reality. That is our traditional role, and will be again...In the mean time keep your ideas dry and most importantly to yourself!

Find the chatter of your new masters irritating? You voted for it and now you got it! So pucker that bung hole and bend over you stupid gajin skidmark! Welcome in the New World Order!!

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