Monday, December 10, 2012

Jason Kenney - Minister Of Indentured Scab Labour

Things in print must stand and fall by their own worth, or the readers fancy.
John Locke, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, p. xi

Well dear reader, the Oracle of Ottawa now knows what one of the secret agreements is that the Prime Minister would not discuss in the House of Commons today concerning the CNOOC deal takeover of NEXEN Oil. And that seems to be that the Peoples Republic of China can now and forever send in whole armies of orthodonticaly challenged Chinese coolie peasants, who just happen to be working for another Chinese state owned corporation!  The case that the CBC ran with on tonight's National concerned HD Coal sending their hordes to Canada as temporary foreign workers! Why these guys might make minimum wage when they finally pay off all hands that have be greased! (a couple of years from now?, never?)

Coming soon to a town near you?
 What other deals, that must remain secret, have been struck by the Peoples Republic of China and the 'Harper Government'? When ever there is a strike at the post office or an airline in Ontario are we to be buried under by cheap coolie labour provided by the Chinese governments extensive prisoner inventory? The questions are being asked by Canadian Labour Leaders as the Oracle of Ottawa writes and no doubt will continue for a very long time.

And the eternally unloved and greasy Jason Kenney will remain forever unloved after the fiasco that he has unleashed today. And will no doubt necessitate very much investigation of all the worlds off shore money laundry spots, which will surely commence and never cease once the NDP take power easily when the 'Harper Government' falls any time soon.

As the Oracle of Ottawa has stated before in this blog, on more than one occasion, there is no labour shortage of any kind in Canada. There is only a shortage of decent employers that are willing to pay the correct and decent wage. But there is no shortage of skilled trades. The Oracle of Ottawa will readily admit that there is a shortage of skilled trades that will work for minimum wage. This is mostly due to skilled trades men being more intelligent than your average Conservative Party Minister! But it is a free market, isn't it? Isn't it?

Awhile back when the 'Harper Government' achieved power by fraud, many people told the Oracle of Ottawa that I was out of my little mind, and that I was fear mongering! Well the Oracle of Ottawa got it all correct! And he had it all correct from day one to now. The only thing the Oracle of Ottawa missed was the severity. This is all becoming much worse then even what the Oracle of Ottawa dreamed in some of his worst nightmares.

If memory serves the Oracle of Ottawa correctly, the last time we had slave coolie Chinese labour in Canada was back in the days of MacDonald, when he was having the Canadian Pacific Railway built! But when you look back on it all with an objective eye, it was the only way that Van Horn could get the work done And pay the graft to Sir John and the Conservative Party of the day!  Isn't it amazing how history keeps repeating itself ?

It is amazing what a back door hotel room ricer fantasy can cost you, isn't it?

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