Monday, December 3, 2012

'Harper Government' - Labour Union Transparency Act

I'll be back.
Jimmy Hoffa, Hoffa The Real Story, p. 218

For all of my fellow Canadians that follow the 'Harper Government' somewhat closely, you are probably worried about the noises of the back bench minions of the contents of the proposed Labour Union Transparency and Accountability Act. The Act of course will be damn near impossible to interpret, and therefore every required submission will be found to be illegally submitted! And then there will be all those nasty surprises that will surely come out, and in turn will be used by the 'Harper Government' to play off the Unions to the public and maybe even be the base for outlawing unions, of any kind altogether!

Jimmy Hoffa (left) attending Labour Union School...

Well, the Oracle of Ottawa says bring it on! Surprised? Well the Oracle of Ottawa can explain his logic. This is the point where the hubris will in the end kill the beast of the 'Harper Government'. This will be the self inflicted Trojan horse, with all of its unintended consequences, that will play a very large part in bringing down the 'Harper Government'. Let us explore this line of reasoning further, shall we?

We all know that organized labour in Canada needs a good shot up the side of the head, don't we? The Oracle of Ottawa will readily admit that the leadership of some unions has ossified greatly over the decades. And if there was a financial reporting requirement, there will be some mighty shocks. Both good and bad. The Oracle of Ottawa is almost certain that several of the biggest unions by membership got all but wiped out financially in the 2008 bust up. Brace yourselves. But, conversely, there will be many of the smaller and much older unions and brotherhoods that will have financial results that will simply stun the 'Harper Government' not to mention the general public.

This will be the long sought for catalyst that will create a very powerful and deep reaction in organized labour in Canada. Why it could all but get out of control, and very quickly. It will most certainly bring forth the patiently waiting "next generation". And who knows, maybe the Oracle of Ottawas dream of a another Jimmy Hoffa will be fulfilled! And the Canadian worker could certainly use another golden age. Another age where the only knees that knock will be those of the management side of the table. It has been a long time and we are really, really due... 

 He is still out there...The Oracle of Ottawa can feel it. The next one is soon to be coming along... and we will get it all back and more.

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