Saturday, December 15, 2012

'Harper Government' - The CNOOC Paradox

There is no idea which we receive more constantly from sensation than solidity.
John Locke, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, p. 76

Well dear reader, another session of Parliament is all in and done. And all those people that claimed right after the last election that we had nothing to fear from the 'Harper Government' must all be feeling pretty dirty, stupid and duped, you know, the likes of Rex Murphy for instance... The up side of course is the the august prime minister is all ready well on into building the 'Harper Government' legacy. The legacy of less.

CNOOC emperor Dr. Fu Chengyu; we own Canada now...

We are all familiar by now of the 'Harper Government' ethics. More commonly known in Ducks Ass, Alberta as Cowboy Ethics. The Oracle of Ottawa will go over the rules again for all those don't follow so close. (1) Never complain, (2) Never explain, (3) Never apologize, (4) Never open our mouth unless previously cleared by the Prime Ministers Office, And (5) Always ride for the brand.

Now we know what the 'Harper Government' stands for don't we? No government at all. Rip off and hide as much as possible, as the party could end any time. Reduce all regulation so that all true Conservatives can pursue their right to fail and to hell on the effects of it on other innocent people. Who ever did not happen to vote for the correct party is left to hang.  Just like the old Duplessis era. Yes sir, the good old days are back, tabernac!

And of course all that Hayek bullshit! You too can be rich! But no, you can never retire before you die! And anyone that is going to be rich certainly does not require blue collar Unemployment Insurance! Only socialists want U.I., not up and coming rich people. And all though the 'Harper Government' can a find a job for every failed flunky dip shit of the Conservative Party, these are all arms length corporations that we have no control over, unless it is doing something that is not becoming to a Conservative!  

And the most important mantra of the 'Harper Government' government does not belong in business! The free market must be allowed to work! And all things that the Canadian people have built up that acts in the world of business for the benefit of the Canadian people, such as the Canadian Wheat Board, that in hard years will make a profit, will be taken apart and ruined, because government does not belong in business!

But the Oracle of Ottawa had a recent revelation. If the 'Harper Government' does not believe that government does not, under any circumstances,  have a place in business, why does the 'Harper Government' allow state owned Chinese corporations, that do the express bidding of the communist politburo of Bejing, operate in Canada? If the 'Harper Government' believes that government should not be in any business, then why does it do business with "governments" that seemingly have no qualms at all about entering business, not only for profit, but for strategic geo-political political action? That question was not asked once in the last session. Someone should get on with it? 

For all those that have no time to be engaged and / or read all the big words, the Oracle of Ottawa has included the secret 'Harper Government' playbook for your perusal....

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