Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Big Canadian Labour And Bill C-377 - A Solution?

Let us then know our limits.
Blaise Pascal, Pensees, No. 43

One of the major topics of discussion in this break between Sessions will no doubt be about Bill C-377. This is a private members bill that was introduced by an obscure, right wing, bible thumping wacko by the name of RussHiebert . He went to one of the better bible thumping schools in the U.S.A, no doubt because he wasn't smart enough to get into Boston College! You really know when a Conservative MP is a thin skinned right wing wack job when he posts his clips from Parliament on You-Tube and disables the comments and the likes/dislikes counter! What a small town prairie piece of crap.

Lets bring Jimmy Hoffa(left) back from the dead!
 Bill C-377 is a bill that will require most labour unions in Canada to comply to near impossible reporting requirements. It is really just a warm up to "Right To Work " legislation. If the Oracle of Ottawa remembers correctly it got third reading in the House and is on its way to the Senate. But the biggest joke of it all, if you check out the text, is that this was a real private members bill. The legislation text no doubt came from the Prime Ministers Office and the hapless Russ drew the short straw to be the member that would raise it as a private members bill. Standard arms length practice.

Trade unions have been around for a very, very long time. They grew out of guilds, (or gilds...) and some are hundreds of years old in Europe, and are still going. There is a very extensive historical literature on the subject matter. There are three titles that come to the mind of the Oracle of Ottawa. A very early text is by Adam Smith, the father of modern economics! He spoke loud and long in the Wealth of Nations of the rights of workers to gather together to strike up the best deal they could get. After all, the employers were colluding amongst themselves all the time!  But old Russ Heibert probably never used his Parliamentary Library card, he could have no doubt checked out a first edition (in two volumes) of the landmark work. But everyone knows that western bible thumping hicks never read books...

The second title that is very illuminating of why labour unions had to come into existence is very well covered in Das Kapital Buch I by, of course, Karl Marx. Now we all know that there are no copies of Capital west of the province of Ontario, so Russ has probably never even heard of Karl Marx. To Russ Heibert, Karl Marx was a guy that worked with Mark Carney at Goldman Sachs, that never made partner..

The third title on labour union history that the Oracle of Ottawa would have to recommend is "History of Trade Unionism" by Sidney and Beatrice Webb, in the revised  1920 edition. It starts in great detail from the earliest days (1400's)  through to the early 20th century! Yes indeed dear reader, unions have been a tough thing to kill. And they are on the verge of a mighty comeback around the world, and it will all be due to Russ Heibert kicking a nest that he will greatly regret for the rest of his worthless life. Why he won't even be welcome at his church at the end of all this...

Ask yourself dear reader, what is a trade union really? Well first and foremost it is a lobbyist for the best interests of its members. It is also a communications and advertising company. Why a trade union is just three corporations rolled into one! Now the Oracle of Ottawa realized that he had the solution to Bill C-377. All the entities that are now at present known as trade unions have to do is incorporate! The shareholders will be what is known today as the "membership" and the "big fat union bosses" will be the board of directors! Now we all know the purpose of  a corporation don't we? To make as much money for its shareholders as possible! And we all know how much the 'Harper Government' loves corporations don't we? So there it is! All organized labour has to do is upgrade so to speak. And we all know how corporations tend to grow larger and larger in the relentless pursuit of profit and shareholder approval... Why the working man could rule the world and create a near perfect workers state, all nice and legal too!

Here is a little more background in greater detail of the approaching problem. But remember it was the Oracle of Ottawa that came up with the solution, and you read it here first!

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