Saturday, December 8, 2012

London Nurse Death - Maximum Weirdness

The ways to enrich are many, and most of them foul.
Sir Francis Bacon, Essays, XXXIV - Of Riches

Of all the stories that have floored the Oracle of Ottawa in 2012, nothing touches the news of the untimely death of  Jacintha Saldanha, after a rather innocent prank call by two media types of Australian radio. Now the Oracle of Ottawa was not surprised that Kate checked into the Sister Agnes Hospital for morning sickness. Gee, twins, or maybe more.

William and Kate do Canada...

Even the so called prank didn't faze me in the least. What did floor the Oracle of Ottawa was that as a private hospital for essentially high profile clients, that the security was so non-existent! And the lack of this security protocols surely is not the fault of the nursing staff, is it? The Oracle of Ottawa is of the thought that surely in a place like this that all calls would be screened by a professional receptionist staff. Surely they have number ID in the phone system in the U.K., don't they? Or even a simple inquiry of the number of the person calling and a Google check would catch over 85% of such attempts. This is not very hard to prevent is it?

This is all very strange. This is not a failure of staff but rather of management and the security details. And with Kate being the top ten in line to the Throne, you would think that she would get the standard max routine. After a moments pondering it all seems like a management cover-up from where the Oracle of Ottawa is observing.

This incident again reminded the Oracle of Ottawa the difference of legal rights in Canada and the United Kingdom. When the Oracle of Ottawa was fab, he spent a lot of time in the U.K.. And it was a real task to get used to the fact that a police officer can tell you to "move on" in the U.K. and you had better move on. In Canada a cop does not dare tell any citizen to move on. It all has to with "just cause" and the task of having to "show cause". The Oracle of Ottawa was astounded as a young man in the U.K. that people there don't have that right and quiet a few others come to think of it.

When the ordinary person does not have written down constitutional rights, things that often happen in the U.K. take on a sinister tone, due to the fact that individual rights and liberties are not essentially guaranteed. The best advice, or the moral of this story is that it is perhaps much safer to your career and general overall well-being to be a nurse in the NHS, with the union card, and avoid the royals like the plague!  

Of course people in the U.K. take this all in rather a different cautious light...

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