Sunday, December 2, 2012

City of Ottawa - Referendum Questions?

Sadly, our society is so contaminated with the notion that acting for greed and self-interest is "normal" that we have weakened the essential fibre of society. 
Elizabeth May, Losing Confidence - Power, Politics, And The Crisis Of Democracy, p. 179

If, back in the 1970's, had you  have asked the Oracle of Ottawa if in Ottawa, cleaning up the piss between the Super Slots and the grannies washroom would be a career choice, the Oracle of Ottawa would probably have "clocked" you cold. But, alas, the future has not been kind to Ottawa or the youngsters of today. Since even being a piss wiper in a casino is all but out of the cards, due to the fact that the contract will no doubt be open to foreign gaming contractors. And will no doubt be won by some buck toothed Chinese peasant from Macau! Who will in turn, due to it being forever and sole sourced, bring his or its own guest workers! This of course was flown by the lads at CUPE 503 and all that was recorded was a vacant glassy far away stare.

Why don't we get a meth lab instead of a casino?

It all boggles the mind of the Oracle of Ottawa, that we can't get our garbage picked up once a week because we can't afford it, and yet we will be able to piss the rent money away at a foreign run gambling house! (24/7) The knuckle dragging burg(h)ers and the local police chief just freak at the idea of a safe injection site, yet see no problem with a casino within walking distance of the Parliament of Canada! Me thinks the prescription career aiding drugs of our swivel servants is starting to affect their judgement?

Macau - Ottawa Division?

The major point of all this that really irks the Oracle of Ottawa is that the City of Ottawa is ready to sell it's soul for a mere 5.0 to 7.0% cut of the gross! If you check into it yourself dear reader, you will soon discover that, all in, it is a real rip off of a deal. Just ask anyone from Windsor Ontario! Now if Gentleman Jim the mayor was really clever he would negotiate something less damaging from the Government of Ontario, like an industrial meth lab! We could hide it in the deepest part of the trunk sewers and keep all the money and send the product to China! Now, that's a plan? The money would be way better, and it would all be out of site, and undetectable deep underground. And once the money starts rolling in and no one in Ottawa would have to pay property taxes ever again, and our property values would go up! Seriously, what is the difference? Well?

No doubt these poor exploited honey's will be provided by the soul source contractor also....

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