Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pierre Hugues Boisvenu - Not An Accident

In a free nation it is very often a matter of indifference whether individuals reason well or ill; it is sufficient that they do reason: hence springs that liberty which is a security from the effects of these reasonings.
Baron De Montesquieu, The Spirit of the Laws, Book XIX, Section 27

Whenever a trial balloon by the 'Harper Government' goes wrong, the first statement made by the spin doctors and fart catchers is that even the other Conservatives are shocked. But make no mistake about it dear reader, this was no mistake. This was a carefully crafted and practised  trial balloon. Just to see what the reaction of the Canadian people would be. It is the thin edge of the future wedge under the door. The focus groups in Duck's Ass, Alberta just loved it!

'Harper Government' is bringing it back!
yes it is real..that was a human...

The Oracle of Ottawa finds it ironic that the 'Harper Government' would be willing to allow the right to die to murderers, but not to you and I! I mean, really, what is so special about murderers that they will get a major piece of social legislation before you and I and all the terminally ill across Canada? Gee-whiz! Those murderers get all the breaks. The rest of us have to keep going to the Supreme Court for the permission for the right to die! Perhaps the terminally ill ALS patient should just run someone over with there electric scooter?

The Oracle of Ottawa had no idea that the prisoners had such a powerful lobby! You see dear reader, the only thing that keeps you and I from having the legal right to the end of life is two very powerful lobbies. The first one is the huge retirement home real-estate investment trusts, and the second is the mega lobby of Big Pharma! I mean, really, how will the sales of retirement home shelter and the even more important sale of drugs to the people so incarcerated go if there are no such compliant raisins left to "harvest"? That would certainly be deemed a threat to the economy I should think...

What we really, really need in Ottawa right now is lots and lots of free Scotch and sleeping pills in the Conservative section of the Senate cafeteria!

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