Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is It Time To Nationalize CPAC?

My business is not to make people read, but to make them think.
Baron Montesquieu, The Spirit of the Laws, Book XI, Section 20

A you know dear reader, the Oracle of Ottawa truly believes that there are some things that are too important to be left to a mere business to run. And I am quickly coming to the realization that one of these things is CPAC, the Canadian Public Affairs Channel. Is it the Oracle of Ottawa that is the only observer to notice that whenever there is a really hot Question Period on any given day that there seems to be a lag of posting that certain day to the video play list right away as per usual of all the boring non-eventful days?

Give it back to the CBC?

This also seems to be the case of really hot committee hearings. Do you remember that crazy Quebec media lord and his lawyer? I believe it was the freedom to access of information committee, whereby the said media lord and his awesome attorney crashed and burned, to such an extent that even Sun News cut off the live coverage! It seemed to be weeks before that particular committee segment, in its entirety, finally got on the rotation. The Oracle of Ottawa must come to the conclusion that a little social engineering is in order.

A public affairs radio station? Perfect!!

A little research will prove that the original plan for CPAC was the correct one. And the original plan was that CPAC was run and the sole franchise of the eminent and awesome "state broadcaster" the good old mother CBC! It appears to the Oracle of Ottawa that the CBC should be given a large budget increase, and the return of the CPAC channel. It is quite probable that the present Minister of Canadian Heritage James Moore, could do this at the same time as poking Sun News TV in both eyes! And to help pay the bills, the CBC could be granted the sole and exclusive right to advertise, but only for the CBC and its various entities. The Oracle of Ottawa is quiet sure that all the right wing media outlets will find this perfectly fair and equitable.

Some more Vic "The Dic" Toews,  What!?

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