Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Is Vic Toews After The Bloggers?

The progress of humanity is like climbing an endless ladder; it is impossible to climb higher without first taking the lower steps.
Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Volume I, p. 295

And the coming darkness continues to descend. The Wellington Street putsch continues anon! The demented outbursts by Vic "The Dick" Toews continue in the House of Commons. The next day he forgets that he said this or that. The Oracle of Ottawa truly believes what the great man says. I am firmly convinced that he hasn't the foggiest idea what he said yesterday.

Star Chamber in session under Henry VII...

Bill C-30, consisting of all 109 pages, is known by its short title Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act. It seems to be pretty draconian in tone and utterly slippery in its wording. Now we all know that there already a ton of provisions in the Criminal Code of Canada to catch the "kiddie diddlers". Why in a really good year in Canada the feds might bust a whole two dozen perverts! Out of a population of 35 million people it appears to be a virtual crime-a-geddon!

Star Chamber at Ordsall Hall
 Funny thing is though, when you read the proposed act, this blogger has yet to find the first reference to child and / or pornography! Very strange that, don't you think? It appears to the Oracle of Ottawa to be a very severe star chamber type of cover-all legislation that has very little do with pornography of any kind. It quickly appears to be a bill to quash any and all dissent of the 'Harper Government'. How soon will it be, do you think, dear reader, before the Mounties are at my door? And why haven't we even heard a peep from Google, Rogers, Shaw, and Bell? Have they already cut their deal? Could this be ordered by our new friends, the Peoples Republic of China? Many questions, pay attention folks....

 See! The Oracle of Ottawa is not the only one who thinks that Vic "The Dick" Toews is crazy!

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