Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Minister Joe Oliver Has A Rick Perry Moment

Political liberty consists in security, or, at least, in the opinion that we enjoy security.
Baron De Montesquieu, The Spirit Of the Laws, Book XII, Section 2

Why, it is only the second day back, and you would not think that they been away for six weeks at all! Already, Diane "The Fly" Finley's eyes are bugging out, and poor old Joe "Change Me" Oliver is already doing his trembling like a horny school girl routine! And it all so ironic as it is actually a thin wisp of a schoolgirl that is actually the cause of the great mans trembling. Yes, dear reader, it is that impish Megan Leslie up to her evil and dastardly routine of embarrassing the old blue goats. 

Sir John A. MacDonald would have puked
on Joe Oliver's shoes!

It was another scorcher of a Question period again. And one of the most humorous and / or pathetic so far, all depending on which side of the House you were cheering for! Who said there was no more good afternoon television on anymore? The young Megan Leslie again made the dottering old fool, Joe Oliver, look like a complete dinosaur. The Part where he tried to compare the skanky Alberta oils sands to the "National Dream" of the Canadian Pacific Railway was just a hoot! To compare the scum entity of the 'Harper Government' to Nation Building was enough to make the ghost of Sir John A. MacDonald puke!

Here is Rick Perry with a very popular demonstration of early onset senility. In reality he is older than Joe Oliver....?

Is that rage? .... Or is that Parkinson's Disease? Julian "Jack in the Box" Fantino stands by with the wipe to catch the embarrassing spittle trail, as soon as the august member returns to the sitting position....

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