Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What Is Wrong With Wee Jimmy's Bottom?

Financial operations succeed more easily than battles.
Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Volume I, p. 235

The Oracle of Ottawa has told his many readers many times that there is much information to be gleaned just from watching Question Period closely. On Tuesday last the Oracle of Ottawa has noticed the very slow and gingerly motions of the Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty as he gingerly placed his fat bottom back into his seat after rising to answer questions. Whatever could be the cause of this recent malady?

Wee Jimmy...

All of us that know of such things have the answer of course. Wee Jimmy and his oppo John Baird have recently completed a "trip" to the Middle East. Upon  arrival, Wee Jimmy discovered much to his dismay that there were no Super 8 motels in said geographical location. The whole trip consisted of listening to John discuss the location of the button box for World War III, and how awesome it was to be alive in the "End Times", and the incredible beauty of the local Arab boys...Yes, indeed much work is to be done bringing peace ( a piece?) to the West Bank.

As the groggy Wee Jimmy sat to his seat in the House of Commons, he contemplated the paradox of peace in the Middle East. If only peace could flow through the Middle East as quickly as middle eastern food went through poor Wee Jimmy, why, they could disband the United nations in New York! And that damn jet lag! How in heavens name thought the Wee Jimmy, did that Henry Kissinger guy nearly live on a jet aircraft tearing all over the planet, for all those years during the mighty Nixon administration? Another wave of dizziness sweeps over the Wee Jimmy,  and he decides to contemplate this deep thought at perhaps another time.

Does this clip contain information, which may enlighten us to Wee Jimmies present malady?

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