Sunday, February 12, 2012

'Harper Government' - Dodging The Russian Wrench?

There's is no kill switch on awesome.
Dilbert, Daily Strip, February 11, 2012

The Oracle of Ottawa watch's Question Period everyday. And on a Friday you don't expect the Opposition to lob a "live one" on to the government just before the week end. Why, that is simply not sporting at all, is it? It seems to the Oracle of Ottawa that the NDP is finally getting the knack. It was all totally unexpected. Don Davies stood to his seat and asked a question of the Lackey of the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the person of one Deepak Obhrai, the sanest South East Asian of the Tory Bund, about the presently leaking truth, tearing around Ottawa about the real story of the great Canadian navy spy caper. You know, that matter of the forty year old navy subby, that has been recently arrested for something, concerning something secret.

'Harper Government' - State Security

The Oracle of Ottawa told you his dear readers, that the whole case just didn't smell right at all. And it turns out that the Oracle of Ottawa has hit it out of the park again! The whole case just didn't have the Russian finger prints on it at all! Again, ask yourself, why would the Russians risk an international incident for such low level fry? It just didn't add up, and it was confirmed on Friday last.

The truth of the seedy matter is that the Russians had nothing at all to do with it. It seems that in the panic, someone in someones office knew that the Russians were swapping out four members to be home in time for Russian Orthodox Christmas. Someone went to the Russian Ambassador to Canada and ask him to play along! With all the aplomb and protocol of very seasoned diplomatic hands, what could the Russian Ambassador do? But as time progressed and no real solution came up, the 'Harper Government' started to write the Russians off as a bunch of chumps! Big, stupid mistake! The Russian Ambassador, feeling his honor somewhat imposed upon is now discreetly allowing the truth of the matter out to the local vulgar media.

You know that is was all true with the answer that the 'Harper Government' supplied through old Deepak; "This matter relates to national security, I have no further comment, thank you..." ! That is the same as saying "Mr. Speaker, I have been totally exposed, and I am fuck'in dead in the water (D.I.W.), thank you Mr. Speaker..". So if it isn't the Russians, who the hell is it? Well, the Oracle of Ottawa has his coin on the Peoples Republic of China. What? Did I guess too good? 

Wall-E goes to work....

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