Monday, February 27, 2012

Anonymous Found In Contempt?

Buy the ticket, take the the ride. Some will march on a road of bones, and others will be nailed up on telephone poles. That is the way it works.
Hunter S. Thompson, Better Than Sex, p.230

The Oracle of Ottawa knew it was going to be hot. But the Oracle of Ottawa had no idea it would all be so bizarre! Yes, dear readers, it was Question Period in the House of Commons again today, after a one week break. There is Bill C-30 and the new and rapidly breaking scandal of the Robo calls which the Oracle of Ottawa has dubbed Robo-Gate! And which I predict will ultimately lead to the downfall of the Tory Bund of Darkness.

Thanks for the help Anonymous!!
 And as hoped, Question Period was just wild. It was revealed that it was the Liberals (!) that were behind the "vicki leaks" Twitter site! I have to admit I was very proud of Bob "The Builder" Rae. I did not think that the Liberals had it in them any more. Perhaps there is hope after all for the natural party of Leadership of Canada.
 But the real good bits came after Question Period! Usually that part after Question Period; "Points of Privilege" is a total bores nest. But not today. It was the most bizarre thing the Oracle of Ottawa has ever witnessed while watching the proceedings in the House.

It all went on for quite a while, and the language got all legally obtuse on the Oracle of Ottawa, but I believe that the nut of the thing was that some Tory back bencher actually got the Speaker of the House to find the online personality "Anonymous" in contempt of the House of Commons! Yes, I know, not even the Oracle of Ottawa could make this up! This online entity has got the 'Harper Government' Bund totally in a panic! They can not control this, and there are in near total panic. It was all a total jaw dropper! Thank you God for Anonymous.... The first internet meme that has been found in contempt of democratically elected Parliament! Every one take a bow!

 Every little bit helps!! Keep the pressure on! Never give up....

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