Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vic Toews To Harvest Torture?

In view of the granite stupidity of our humanity, we have no need to be surprised at the outcome.
Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Volume II, p. 375

It all just seemed to slip out in Question Period on Tuesday last. The Oracle of Ottawa is only writing about now since it has taken that long for the full import of the Minister of Public Safety's latest directive to sink into this far lefty's mind. In yet another breathtaking demonstration of what truly appears to be early onset senility, the great man in the person of Vic Toews, has again set off another grenade, but as per usual he threw the pin but held onto the grenade! There is no doubt that the monthly allotment of Advil at the Prime Ministers Office has all but vanished in the last twenty four hours.

Vic Toews moves Canada up to the big time...

The nut of the matter seems to be that the great minister has released a directive to CSIS employees that they are to use information that has been extracted by the use of torture! The matter was brought to the attention of the House by Jack Harris of the NDP. You would think that the Minister would "clarify" the matter, but old Vic "brain dead" Toews would have none of that and proceeded into the swamp with his response. "To protect Canadian life and property!"  There seemed to the Oracle of Ottawa to be way to much emphasis on the property. But that is just probably me.

Welcome to the New World Order!

It was in a very short time that more alert minds of the House, picked up on the dreadful import of the Ministers gibberish. In a moment Bob"the builder" Rae was trying to get a feel for the extent of the damage that this would cause. It appeared that the Minister of Public Safety was amazed that we are signatories to certain treaties and conventions, that sort of somewhat limit our ability to allow such directives and other slipshod missives of the Minister to be even taken seriously. One can only guess at the speed and extent of the great mans memory loss, or the even more frightening fact that he didn't have a clue in the first instance!  

Soon Question period was over, and then it was back to the business of the House. The matter being discussed was bill Bill C-19. The Act to Abolish the Long Gun Registry. The Opposition is fighting tooth and nail to ensure that the existing data banks of all the registered firearms is not destroyed by the "Harper Government"! Then I felt that chill and the hair on my back stood straight up. It seems that the "Harper Government" prefers the solidity of information extracted from torture over that that has been truthfully compiled and paid for by the Canadian people, for their own protection and well being... Ponder that dear reader...

Bob "the builder" Rae tries to bring some sanity and decorum to comfort the appalled Canadian people.

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